March 14, 2011

Mixtape: Sidewalk talk

That's a previously unseen (sort of) Richard Corman picture of Madonna that Out debuted today. It was taken in 1982, before she released her debut album, when she was about 23. There is something about these pictures that makes me yearn for the 80's - everything seems so pure here. What a brilliant pop star. Take a look at the full set.

Scritti Politti finally released a hits CD this week, Absolute. It has two new songs: Day Late and a Dollar Short (like Scritti produced in Britney's studio) and A Place We Both Belong. Singer/songwriter Green Gartside spoke to The Guardian last Tuesday.

Depeche Mode will release Remix 2: 81-11 album in April. Rumored to feature Rihanna, of all people. Dave was featured this weekend in a NYT style piece on Godfathers of Glam.

The Communards was Richard Coles and Jimmy Somerville. Richard is now a minister in England. Look at him today! My favorite Communards song? Hold On Tight

Fans of Morrissey and The Smiths should take a look at this AMAZING site: Vulgar Picture. Another great Smiths site is Passions Just Like Mine. Every pop artist needs this kind of archive.

Crap sentence from Janet Jackson's shitty new self-help book: "My childhood was a powerful and often perplexing combination of experiences that were wonderful as well as challenging." Wow.

The Guardian has a video of Patrick Wolf playing a new ballad, Armistice, from his soon to be blowing my mind album, Lupercalia. It's gorgeous and reminds me a lot of the sound of the moody Wind In The Wires, my favorite Wolf album.

We are just a few weeks away from the CD version of Duran Duran's All You Need Is Now. Hear samples of the new songs now. Too Bad You're So Beautiful sounds like a highlight. For US fans, note that the Best Buy edition has a unique track called Early Summer Nerves (also a part of the Amazon UK edition). More on various special edition details at DD's site.

Sarah Nixey, whose Sing, Memory was one of the better pop records of 2006, is coming back with a second solo disc in May. Called Brave Tin Soldiers, it's a more stripped own affair - details very soon.

My tweep Michael Cragg tells us who the hot new produceres are that we need to keep an ear on. As for Michael's blog, a recent gem of a post followed his granny's thoughts on Britney Spears' video. The Brits tend to call their grandmas "Nan." This is very odd; what if their grandma is named, liked, Gladys?

Speaking of Britney, this week I got the new Scritti Politti compilation. That record has a new song called A Day Late and A Dollar Short that I said sounded like Scritti meets Titney. You can hear an interview with Scritti maestro Green Gartside via the Music Weekly podcast.

The Feeling. I am not sure their single Set My World On Fire - hear a 60-second sample of here - is going to do anything. I have not heard the whole thing yet, so I could be wrong, but it seems like zero growth for them musically. I have higher hopes for the full CD, but I've kind of moved on from this sound. Myfizzypop Paul will not be happy with me for saying this!

William Orbit thinks Madonna's directorial debut, W.E., is Oscar worthy. I doubt it, but he has done music for it. Billy Bubbles also gained some notoriety for admitting his Britney collaboration had been dumped from her new record.

REM must have hired a blogger because now they have a blog where they write about themselves! The occasion is the 20th anniversary - JEEBUS - of Losing My Religion. Meanwhile, their new album is out and Uberlin and Every Day Is Yours To Win are highlights.

90's babies: Great news about Suede. This summer they are releasing uber deluxe editions of their 4 albums, each with two CDs and a DVD, so....
bonus tracks and footage, the works. Cleverly, they release one a week for five weeks starting May 30. My favorite Suede album is Coming Up (the tracklist is AMAZING) - that hits on June 13. If you don't know that album, get ready, it is fucking TOPS. Amazingly, you can order the double CD Best Of for 3.99 on Amazon UK!

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countpopula said...

SOOOOO EXCITED about the Suede remasters--the tracklists of all five are amazing, and people should really go for the full 3-disc versions with DVDs, as there are going to be many live concert appearances added (including their Neil Tennant duets). I think I'm most excited about the first two albums--Dog Man Star is still my favorite (featuring one of my all-time favorite songs, "Still Life" with a bonus orchestral version), and these albums will also feature more live material with original guitarist, Bernard Butler.

AMAZING NEWS, and anybody who respects the history of British Rock should know Suede are the bridge between the Smiths and the Oasis/Blur/Pulp-led Britpop explosion. Suede is arguably the best of them.

I can't believe Losing My Religion is 20 years old, but I REALLY can't believe The One I Love and It's The End of The World As We Know It are 24!

Duran Duran is out in the US in 8 days! About time!

Wasn't Richard Coles in Communards?
Everybody gets older...

Ready for a new Depeche Mode...

D'luv said...

Slag, this is your best mixtape in eons! So excited for Suede reissues, and have been looking forward to them since January.

Somewhere I have a photo of me on a swing wearing a crucifix (!!!) the morning I first saw the "Losing My Religion" video, back in '91.

D'luv said...

Okay, just checked out Suede info. Like Count P, I'm chomping at the bit for the reissue of the first album. It really is a perfect record, and the extras are unreal!

Paul said...

of course i'm not happy with this information and news about the feeling, but i can understand. still, i'm hoping we at least get the third album and it doesn't end up like sophie ellis bex (richard gets finer by the day btw!!)

And there is some big Duran Duran special on tv in the UK on saturday night this week :)

John said...

Definitely excited about the Suede releases (always thought they got a raw deal with having to call themselves 'The London Suede' here in the US).

Major thanks for the info re: the Duran Duran deluxe edition at Best Buy. Skipped the puny digital edition in December (though I really wanted those new tunes), and now I'm getting even more thanks to your tip.

xolondon said...

Thanks for the save, Count. Shoddy job on my part!

Paul, I HOPE I am wrong about The Feeling.

Robbie, I know you like dirty old men in council estates slobbering on your moobs, so the Suede thing is like a soundtrack to your real life.

John! Hi! I guess I need to order the Best Buy DD now. I hate actually going IN one of those stores!