March 23, 2011

Live Those Days Tonight

Live Those Days Tonight is the first single from Friendly Fires second album, Pala. I am torn*. The sound is massive, percussive pop. Not surprising considering Paul Epworth produced it. The chorus is tremendous, but the verses - aside from a cool stabbing sound - are not as strong. And the middle eight is a chant, which is another way of saying copout.

I have great expectations for Pala.
Ed MacFarlane is a sexed-up popstar with all the right moves. You know... the type who kisses anyone and everyone while drunk off his ass. Check out his wiggling hips in their last video, Kiss Of Life, below.

Pala is out May 16 in the UK and May 24 in North America. Live Those Days Tonight, in its full 5-minute form, is for sale now on iTunes US (and probably elsewhere, if could be bovvered to check.) Paul Epworth recently talked about the album, calling it a "game changer."

. Here is the first performance of it, on Jimmy Kimmel:


Michael said...

Love it!

countpopula said...

I hate to say you need to clean out your ears, but you need to clean out your ears! This song is GREAT! The rhythm is perfectly jittery!

Did you ever hear the full FF album? It really was quite spotty. I think that's why "Kiss of Life" came out as a single later--because one or two tracks in, and the label had already run out of stuff they could promote to radio. They even heavily remixed "Skeleton Boy" for the single release.

This is a quantum leap in quality, and much more on the level of the "Kiss of Life" single, if not even bigger. Can't wait now! Excellent spot!

countpopula said...

Sometimes it only takes a day for the mind to change...

Thanks for the performance clip. Massive indeed...and I feel like I could use some tips from the Friendly Fires School of Dance!