March 17, 2011

Just an invitation would have been just fine

Still stuck on my lady Stevie Nicks. I'd never seen this performance until this year - it's mind-blowing, especially the dancing during the middle eight. I am reminded that I will never live out my dream of being a Solid Gold Dancer in very tight pants. I have nonetheless mastered the primary move of throwing my head back...

You. Just. Know. Florence Welch would slay a dragon for that dress.

Awhile back I did my
Top Ten Plus One Stevie Nicks Solo Songs

and now my Top Ten Plus One Stevie Nicks Fleetwood Mac Songs (in no order)

Beautiful Child
Everybody Finds Out
Thrown Down
Sisters Of The Moon
Silver Springs
Gold Dust Woman
Sara (live version, 1980)
Rhiannon (live version, 1980)


xolondon said...

ooh I love No Questions Asked too. Forgot that one.

Vinny Vero said...

I love the live vocal and that dance breakdown is super hot!

John said...

A friend of mine and I were debating a year or so ago if she was lucid or high during this performance. I think we decided she was high, but I don't remember the reason why. Either way, it was nice to see the rare live performance on Solid Gold.

dishy said...

also ANGEL from Tusk!!! She did wild live versions of that during the Tusk Tour!

Dan said...

This is everything I love about Stevie. The ad libs, the crazy desperation, the spinning, the dress. It reminds me of how we once said that being a Stevie fan means buying into the whole thing. You can't be a Stevie fan part way.

Where's "When I See You Again" on your FM song list? ;)

(totally posting this to FB, btw)