March 5, 2011

Guillemots return with Walk The River

That is a tiny picture of Guillemots. Pronounced Gill-uhh-mots.

Guillemots are back just one year after their lead singer, floppily-tressed Fyfe Dangerfield, released his crisp, lovely solo album, Fly Yellow Moon. Their new record, Walk The River, is out on April 11 in the UK. Though the first single is the crunchy The Basket, the band are giving away the title track for free!

Word is from Holy Moly that Walk The River is a sad album, which is brilliant... sad music is THE BEST. Here is the track-listing: 1. Walk The River 2. Vermillion 3. I Don't Feel Amazing Now 4. Ice Room 5. Tigers 6. Inside 7. I Must Be A Lover 8. Slow Train 9. Sometimes I Remember Wrong 10. The Basket 11. Dancing In The Devil's Shoes 12. Yesterday Is Dead

Download Walk The River

Stream it here...

I am not in love with The Basket as much... check it out below.

If you want to explore Fyfe's Fly Yellow Moon album, try these tracks: Don't Be Shy, High On The Tide, Barricades and Faster The The Setting Sun.

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Michael said...

The free track is very nice!