January 11, 2011

Up in '11: Jamie Woon

Despite all the hullabaloo surrounding the BBC's Sound of 2011, with particular attention paid to Clare Maguire and James Blake, there is a more subtle artist on the shortlist who has gone relatively unnoticed. When I watch Jamie Woon's new video, Night Air, I think


Wow, that film is a wonder - Majiker calls it "grasshopper porn," but we might also say insect erotica. And the music... it's in no hurry, it's sensual. I love when the choral effect comes in during the second verse. Then the song sort of unravels and takes twists, but the choir remains. Jamie's soulful voice is at the heart of this.

Woon, who is 27 and from England, has his own record label. Of his music, he says,
At the heart of what I do is R&B, it's groove-based vocal-led music, and I try to sing about things that are close to my heart and that matter to me.
Jamie's album, Mirrorwriting, is due on April 4 in the UK. Another great track, Spiral, can be streamed at Soulbounce and you can download a free song, Blue Truth, here.

Thank you Majiker!


Jennifer said...

"Night Air" is a gorgeous gorgeous track. A blogging friend sent it to me and I was thinking this is a TUNE. The layers of this song is what I love the most about it, just a well constructed song. Jamie Woon is my one to watch this year as well. Can't wait to see what the rest of the album has in store.

Great post :)

Tim said...

...I try to sing about things that are close to my heart and that matter to me.

As opposed to other singers, who sing about things that disinterest or bore them? Come on.

xolondon said...

Go listen to half of pop music and you will find they are not singing about personal topics. Well... maybe Katy Pussy really does want see your peacock cock cock...!

mancgayboi said...

Love it. The video is fantastic.

RedLight,BlueNote said...

Now THAT is something to get excited about. Delicious.....very sensual. Thank you so much!