January 27, 2011

She found her place amongst the trees

Gypsy & The Cat are about to launch their excellent 2010 album, Gilgamesh, in the UK, fresh with a new performance clip of their single, Jona Vark (geddit? Joan Of Arc?). Though they are Australian and live in London, the sound is pure California, in the most chilled sense. Music for driving through Laurel Canyon in your T-top Camaro.

And their names are
flash: Xavier Bacash and Lionel Towers

The ubiquitous Starsmith has remixed Jona Vark. As usual, he doesn't undo the beauty of the source tune, but gives it an electropop twist:

Gypsy and The Cat - Jona Vark (Starsmith Remix)
by Starsmith

The remix Mp3 is free for download at Neon Gold. Follow the band on Twitter. My fave G&TC song is Sight Of A Tear. Lush.

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KulPop said...

I love Gypsy And The Cat and Starsmith but the remix doesn't impress me too much, maybe it will grow on me after more listens.

Check out GATC's "The Piper's Song" (Aeroplane Tape Remix), it's worth having.