January 19, 2011

Mixtape: Nothing comes close to the golden coast

Above, a candid photo of Madonna and Tony Ward from 1989 by Herb Ritts. Never seen this before! And check her out here, back when she was STILL older than Lady Gaga!

First great album title of 2011? Iron And Wine's Kiss Each Other Clean

So, wait. Universal and Sony did research to realize now - WOW - that releasing singles six weeks after they are sent to radio is, indeed, too late in the digital age? And then PopJustice mused on it some more.

I have to admit, I am not overwhelmed by the new work of Human League. I was one of the few to dislike the recent single Night People and the next one, Never Let Me Go is equally repetitive, this time with a layer of autounes. Another truly uninspired track called Electric Shock has leaked as well.

Have you ever read Sleevage.com? Love it. Here's an example: their take on Morrissey's Years Of Refusal. They use the word chiaroscuro, so look it up now, children.

In terms of current music, this week was all about the new Adele CD, 21. Not only is it better than her debut, it will surely be one of the best albums of 2011. Favorite songs of mune? One And Only, Rumour Has It, Turning Tables, and Someone Like You.

Hearing new Adele music makes me realize how the great Mary J Blige has not been served well by her collaborators. Send her to London! The last Mary song I really loved was Come To Me (Peace) in 2008.

Duran Duran did a good interview on Sirius XM this week with original MTV veejay Mark Goodman. Meanwhile, Duran has wisely recorded some "night versions' of some of their new tracks. t sounds like Girl Panic! is (wisely) the next single and the forthcoming CD will have 14 songs (versus the download's 10). If you are not following Simon Le Bon and John Taylor, do it! Simon, in particular, gives good tweet.

Chase & Status are releasing an album on January 31st in the UK. The samples that leap out to me are Midnight Caller with Clare Maguire and both tracks with Plan B. The Cee Lo collab is a bit rowdy.

My favorite Ricky Gervais moment in the Golden Globes: "You wanna go see Cher? No! Why not? Cuz it's not 1975"

Tidbit: The new cocknbullkid single, Hold On To Your Misery, was co-written by longtime Feist collaborator Chilly Gonzalez.

Nile Rodgers has announced he has cancer. That blog post is quite moving.

Where is the Starsmith album? Ellie Goulding is about to take on America. The US version of Lights has a new cover and adds the songs Lights, Your Song and Animal. The March issue of Instinct Mag (out around Valentines Day) will have my review - 5 stars! - of that album and the new Hercules & Love Affair.

As everyone may have heard, there has been a wildfire rumor about new Kate Bush music. It's amazing how many media sites picked up an unsubstantiated rumor. I am not saying wotyougot's source was bad, but it's legit media's responsibility to report verified facts. Anyway, my theory is that it will be a Greatest Hits, that should look something like THIS.

Best Tweet This Week: via heyitsurban.

I am on LastFm if you want to friend me. I love snooping into people's playlists

Finally, the cute-faced Bruno Mars did a beautiful cover of Katy Pussy's California Gurls this week on Radio 1... look out Cali, I will be up and down the state in June!


countpopula said...

Guess I am in the minority on the Human League. I'm really liking the new tracks (and no, I haven't had to talk myself into it). I think they do a good job pushing forward while referencing their past. I especially like how some songs like Night People and Never Let Me Go sort of bubble and build, and then go all technopop crazy. Phil turns in some great vocals, and the girls sound more integrated than sometimes. Can't wait to hear CD quality tracks, as I think that might make a difference (those youtube rips are rather shaky). Never Let Me Go and Electric Shock are my favorites! Different strokes...

xolondon said...

I don't think you are in the minority at all, actually. I am!

Myfizzypop said...

it's chiefly because of you that i've checked out Adele and fallen in love. Of course her witty as all heck interview with Alan Carr in the UK helped. She's lovely!!