January 9, 2011

Long Live Frankmusik

Frankmusik is giving it away. And he's also sharing a FREE EP! Go to http://freefrankmusik.com/ to download the four tracks as a zipped file.

Hurt You Again
Our Discovery (Tribute to Daft Punk)
Hate Your Love (feat. Digiraatii)

At least the first two tracks are expected on his new CD, Do It In The AM, which is out this spring. My favorite of these four is, by far, the piano ballad Warrior, which reminds me of how rich his voice is. While I don't love the album's teaser single, The Fear Inside, I highly recommend his collaboration with The Far East Movement, called Fighting For Air.


Diva Incarnate said...

I'm definately a leg man.

countpopula said...

He's talented for sure, but his goofy schtick makes it hard to take him seriously sometimes. And that's from somebody who bought his debut CD as a pricey import. Warrior is a nice song, much better than the new single as well.

Tim said...

Anyone who gets naked for an album cover or promotional pic is tops in my book.

I agree with your assessment of "Fighting for Air." It shows his skills off well, and is a positive step forward for him artistically.

Anonymous said...

I think the photo is a variation of one that actor Christopher Atkins did in the early 80's. Lovin' the ballads, and The Fear Inside too.