January 28, 2011

It's like you hit me with lightning

Ellie Goulding has a new cover image for the American released of Lights. The March issue of Instinct will feature my review of this album - I gave it a rare 5 stars. The US release, out March 8, is the same as the original Brit release, adding 3 tracks: Your Song, Animal and Lights, the latter of which opens the album.

The new video for Lights represents Ellie's transformation in one year from terrified waif (see Jools Holland) to popstrel diva. The opening shots in this video, in silhouette, make that clear.

Much has been made of the choice of the UK singles from the album. Her first indie single is her best song, Under The Sheets, but her first official big label single was Starry Eyed. She followed that with Guns And Horses, The Writer and Your Song. Vinny Vero and I wax on this endlessly, agreeing that the first major single should have been Under The Sheets and that This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) is a lost hit. I might also have chosen Your Biggest Mistake, her collaboration with Fraser T Smith. Whatever, Lights, a bonus track on the original LP, is pretty damn sleek.

What do you think?

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countpopula said...

Your Biggest Mistake was my favorite song from the original album proper. I agree--a lost hit there.