January 17, 2011

Double XOvision

Two new videos you may or may not have seen. Clare was on the Beeb's Sound of 2011 list, and Wolf Gang should have been.

Wolf Gang Lions In Cages

I have no idea what is happening in this video. It's a bit enigmatic. Is it just me or Wolf Gang himself (Max McElligott) a bit Kurt from Glee? I am sure he will hate that - it's just a slight similarity. His next single, the guitary (and anthemic) Dancing With The Devil, is out in February, with the album on May 30.

Clare Maguire The Last Dance

Clare Maguire's expensive-looking new video is loaded with subtle references to Michael Jackson, who inspired the song. Check out the very brief flashes of it at 0:59 and 2:50. My only complaint is the clip could use a bit more energy and movement from Clare. Toward the end she seems to be dancing, but the images are too fleeting. I think it would have been great if the final bit was her in motion. I should direct, clearly, or at least inflict my opinion on people when it actually matters. !

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