January 2, 2011

2011 Albums: Electrifying? One hopes.

That's my cat Jasper on New Year's Eve. Normally, he is more dignified, but that night he was possessed by the spirit of the evening... a Ke$ha moment. Relax though, he is grooming, bless him. And yes, his eyes always glow.

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Here are some artists (oldish and newish) who I am paying attention to in 2011...

Lady Gaga's record is going to overtake the planet I assume. Yes, I am interested in this!

Likewise, Adele's 21 is going to BOOM. The next single was written by the brilliant Fraser T Smith. Fraser also did a lot of work on two more albums...

Clare Maguire's debut, Light After Dark, features a killer new single, The Last Dance, about Michael Jackson. 11 other tracks on it, out in February. This LP is going to be luxe.

Fraser also worked on the debut by Ed Drewett, whose sampler is literally perfect.

Will Alex Gardner release an album? I doubt it, but if so, look out for There Goes My Heart, a stunning ballad.

Not sure if the end of the year will see Florence + The Machine, but I hope so.

There are plenty of rumors about a new album by Roisin Murphy, but as yet there is no record deal.

Pete Lawrie, a sorta pop folkie troubadour (who looks like Cheyenne Jackson crossed with Johnny Knoxville) has his first album out in the UK on April 4. It's called A Little Brighter. The jumping off point is All That We Keep.

Newcomer Jamie Woon's album Mirrorwriting is going to be beautiful, if first single Night Air and another track, Spiral, are indicative of what we'll get. This is where soul vocals meet shimmery electronics.

Hercules And Love Affair return with Blue Songs - presumably an old school disco album that miraculously includes a cover of It's Alright (PSB/Sterling Void)

Sam Sparro has a long-in-the-works LP out that I hope will revive 90s music, a la Deee Lite.

Will Young is releasing a dance album at some point in the coming year. It will be nothing less than monolithic. He also stars in a new TV series called Bedlam.

Bright Light Bright Light should release his debut album, called Make Me Believe In Hope. His next single is How To Make A Heart.

Late in 2011, No Doubt will have their first CD in ten years. Even Gwen has not released music since about 2005. Will it be a success or will it dive bomb in the wake of a certain platinum blonde megastar?

Cocknbullkid releases a debut album Adulthood after a long gestation. The new single, Hold On To Your Misery is sweet - reminds me of 90s British radio. Just has a jauntiness that's lacking right now.

Nicola Roberts, ex Girls Aloud, should release an album in 2011. It is my most anticipated GA spinoff, but it has to be JUST RIGHT. Cock-up potential is scarily massive.

Meanwhile, I will also listen to what Keisha Buchanan, ex Sugababes dishes out.

Arctic Monkeys are working on their new CD with James Ford.

We HOPE that Garbage will release an album - they are recording.

Frankmusik's Do It In The AM is out soon and I am cautiously optimistic.

Kate Havnevik will hopefully release her new record this year.

Blond on blond hottie Teddy Thompson releases Bella.

I don't care about the Elvis Costello album, but the title is delish: Pump & Pout

The other great album title is from
PJ Harvey's Let England Shake

90's pop geniuses Dubstar return with a new album. It's in the mixing stage now (that news straight from the band).

James Blake's eponymous debut is out February and it is a bit of a slog. Not really a pop record in any sense. The first single was a bit of a lead-on.

I hope the new UK group Echoes will release a debut album or at least a few singles in 2011.

Stevie Nicks has her first album in ten years. You would probably not know I have been obsessed with Stevie for years. YEARS. The album is co-produced by Dave Stewart (as in Eurythmics) and Glen Ballard.

The Feeling have a make or break CD coming this year. Rumor is the gorgeous ballad with Sophie Ellis Bextor will be a single.

Duran Duran's All You Need Is Now CD adds three more songs, including the moody Mediterranea.

Maxwell releases Summers, the middle piece of Black Summers Night, which will include new music he has recorded in the past year.

I might give the Titney Spears album a chance.

I know I have been a bit.... tepid? ... about Florrie, but if she releases an LP in 2011, I shall give it proper attention.

I predict Robyn will release new music prior to the end of the year. She deserves a vacation.

I also predict we'll get some new music from Kylie, just in time for her tour.

Gruff Rhys's Hotel Shampoo is out on Valentines Day. The first single, Shark Ridden Waters, has a dreamy video, but sounds more like Badly Drawn Boy on the continent.

The annoying Gallagher brother has a new band called Beady Eye. Album is Different Gear, Still Speeding. Would rawther hear a Noel G record instead.

Human League's Credo is taking forever to come out! I will admit I am not a fan of Night People. Just a bit repetitive for my taste.

The Pet Shop Boys will release music for their ballet The Most Incredible Thing and all my London Gays will dress up for the premiere.

My ex-lovers REM release Collapse Into Now in March and I am not holding my breath. It has been 18 years since I like an album by them! Insane.

Marianne Faithfull will release Horses And High Heels this spring.

Darren Hayes releases an album he has been working on for literally two years. I honestly have no clue what to expect!

The Gadsdens long awaited debut, produced by Danton Supple, is out this year. I've heard a lot of the demos and there are, in particular, some blistering ballads.

Ben Westbeech is a DJ/singer from Bristol - his music is jazzy, mellow and electro. Dude's new album called There's More To Life Than This is house-inspired and due in April.

Penguin Prison's album is my most awaited. Have heard about 80% of it and expect GREAT pop. The first single Multi Millionaire will blow your socks off. Equally raging is Don't Fuck With My Money.

Blondie supposedly releases The Panic Of Girls. Been in the can for ages, so it makes me a bit nervous.

Where are they? Bertine Zetlitz and Anneli Drecker.

My friend Lucas Mire will release his third album. He's doing ska now. Joke.

Nerina Pallot has been working on a new album with Bernard Butler. Seems soon after her last album, The Graduate, but no complaints from me.

The Kooks have been in studio for like 2 years. As has Hard-Fi.

I was worried that the new Patrick Wolf LP would be bunk, but it's not going to be. It may be his best work in six years. If rumors are true, the title is shit: Lupercalia

I predict Wolf Gang's debut LP, like Penguin Prison's, is going to genre straddle and be totally melodic and in the now.

I'll conclude with the wish that Sophie Ellis Bextor releases her album. Get on it, La Bex.

Here is last year's list. Most of the records were released and met expectations.


Diva Incarnate said...

Speaking of Deee-Lite, Lady Kier is working on 'trax' with A Guy Called Gerald. If you haven't already, check out a solo song from her live setlist called Me & My Records. I deeply dig it highly...

xolondon said...

Will check it out!!

Jason said...

Kooks, Hard Fi, The Feeling... reminds me of my time in Londontown. I really hope they can all return to form...

I too think that Will Young's album is going to be HUGE. He keeps getting better and better.

Paul said...

Looking forward to quite a lot of these including Adele, Clare, Ed and even Lady Gaga... Also eager to hear The Feeling. Off to see them at a tiny little gig in Coventry in February. Should be a blast. I'm hoping they will play new music...

And William also has a new tv show starting soon called Haunted. It's a spooky drama about a new set of apartments built in an old asylum from the Victorian era.

Word verification = spherm. I like that

kaushik said...

Must say, i chuckled when i found Sophie mentioned at the very end of your post.. 'tis true though, we're all kind of sick of the wait.

The other things that look really interesting - The Feeling, Nicola Roberts, Roisin Murphy (really hoping she releases Demon Lover!), Ed Drewett, Sam Sparro, Garbage (heaven!) and No Doubt of course. 2011 might actually be an amazing year if all these releases actually happen. To be on the safer side, i'm going to assume that only Nicola and The Feeling will release their albums this year and the rest of them will release it sometime between now and the end of the world :)

Love your blog. Cheers

The Richard said...

Jeez - your crystal ball has been beeeezy.
This particular London gay won't be attending the premiere of the PSB ballet but a preview performance. The tickets are purchased of course. I mentioned it to a couple of friends, unsure of what the response might be and everyone wanted to come. Fancy.
Roll on that Kylie tour - I'm seeing it in April, probably a couple of times, but am eager to see the visuals when she shakes those feathers for the first time in Jan.
You don't mention Rufus. New album for him do we think? Something a little peppier after last time? I saw him three times in '10 and he's not exactly getting less talented. Fingers crossed.
May I be so bold as to make a suggestion or two of NY resolutions to you? Namely - to keep this fabulous, totemic blog going... and to come back to Londres soon. That's all.

Queer in The City said...

Check out Lady miss Kier's new video she posted of her DJing and performing in 2010 http://vimeo.com/18037352

countpopula said...

A wonderfully exhaustive list! I think I'll just bookmark this page and check them off one by one as they appear.

First of all, what's gotten into Jasper? A bit of the holiday Black Swans? That cat's gone and gotten a bit possessed!

We know Gaga, Adele, and Clare Maguire are definites, but things like the Roisin Murphy and Sophie worry me. It seems like the more time they take in making something powerful, the less the public (and especially label) interest. Their last albums (especially Murphy's) were great. Here's hoping...

Lots of great new artists mentioned here as well. I will make a point to check out more from Gadsdens, Penguin Prison, Bright Light, and Wolf Gang upon release.

If Alphabeat couldn't revive 90's music, can Sam Sparro? Not so sure about the new Frankmusik single either. The Patrick Wolf, however, is a MAJOR return to form. Let's make him the male Florence & the Machine in 2011!

Watching for Human League, Duran (still no official CD release date?), and Dubstar (can't BELIEVE this is happening after all the drama! YAY!)

The Darren Hayes front has been rather quiet, no? Do you think Imogen Heap will try to crank out something a bit more energetic than her previous (overthought) album? Isn't Hercules & Love Affair soon? Where are the Presets? Ladyhawke? Santigold? Solange? Annie?

I loved REM's "Reveal". A truly great album you should give a second chance.

Michael said...

Hadn't heard of Clare Maguire before but she sounds promising. Her voice reminds me a bit of Billie Ray Martin.

So far there's not a lot of confirmed 2011 releases I'm all that excited about but hopefully that'll change.

Acrasia said...

Are cats dignified?
Jakey wasn't as a kitten, or is this simply a normal "male pose" ? ;)


Even though that was before the snip, not much has changed. -tuts-
(One of my 6 cats, yes 6!)

Moving onto the actual music..

*Slaps own hands* i shall also allow you to do so, since i was simply only going by your tweets & not your blog RE: Darren. Bad Laura, Bad.
We're all in the dark as much as you, though we're guessing a mix of Spin & The Tension & The Spark, but with Darren you really NEVER know! Will you be attending any of the LP's at the beginning of this year? (Dates yet to be revealed).
I may brave the screaming loons to have a listen, because the curiousity has simply got the better of me.

I am STILL catching up on last years music, however, i'm very much looking forward to hearing more from Adele - she never stops to amaze me. Beautiful as always.

You say "ex" Girls Aloud, have they now officially split? Excuse me on my ignorance, however, i don't keep up with the rags or mags these days. The last i heard they were confirming they hadn't split, but were taking a "well earned break".
Or has Nicola left? Bejesus, i'm so behind with the times Mr.Steve, i must now read your blog religiously to find these things out!!

By the way, i DID finally listen to that Sophie Ellis Bexter song..holy..blew my mind. So good to hear from her - though again, i've been "behind with the times" for years so without coming across you, i wouldn't know she was back in the limelight.
(Still have that memory of her in my head tripping over my suitcase, i'd have felt guilty if it wasn't by my feet, any closer i would have been standing on it - that's what you get Sophski for wearing sunglasses inside ;) )

PET SHOP BOYS? My father will be delighted! He often plays the old school albums, has always loved them.
Though you wouldn't believe my soon to-be 66 year old father listens to the most recent music channel, and dances to r'n'b, pop, dance & electro music would you?
The singing is..well..let's not get onto that shall we? =|

Love Robyn. You've mentioned some good artists here who i'll be looking out for, but also some artists i've never heard of, is that a good or bad thing, i wonder?!

Wonderful entry Sir Steve!

Excuse the epic comment. I promise not to flood (i nearly wrote flash..that would have been an "epic fail" moment) you anymore, atleast until the next.. ;)

G'day and keep up the fantabulous work hun!

Laura x

duanemoody.com said...

That's a lot to look forward to!!

Gem said...

Loads to look forward to. The first single off the new Britney album 'Hold it Against Me' is being released this weekend. Really hope it delivers!

John said...

Now THAT'S a list!

You may not be excited by REM's new output, but the hype machine is already growing. I'm with you and lowered expectations.

There is a non-annoying Gallagher brother?

Kylie does DC. I decree it!

The whole Maxwell/Summer cycle thing confuses me. If you're going to link three albums together, shouldn't you have some idea how they will be linked sonically, and should they come out relatively close together? I genuinely believe he's just winging things right now.

Most anticipated album from this list is BLx2. In my eyes, there hasn't been a misstep yet.