November 10, 2010

Why I blog

Music Matters - Kate Bush (23-3-10) from Music Matters on Vimeo.

So. Tonight I was tweeting about a Kate Bush song that is perfect for autumn - Never Be Mine - and I linked to a youtube clip of it. Soon after, I received a response tweet from a woman who (from what I noticed on her bio) grew up in a foreign country and has emigrated to the States. She said: "Just listened it in first time and love it, actually all I knew about Kate Bush - only her name:)))"

And I almost exploded with happiness. Her response represented, in less than 140 characters, why I love blogging and why I think social media (eg Twitter) can be so relevant. When we mourn the loss of record stores and the culture of music many of us grew up in - I wheeze on about that all the time - we need to remember we are in a really dynamic time that offers amazing opportunities we did not have years ago. A means to connect with those who share our interests and can help us learn more. Sometimes it's just a fleeting moment, but it can also lead to friendships.

For those of you who know Kate's work, can you imagine randomly discovering her one night and then having all those years of albums and songs to explore?

This minor little moment made me so happy.


John said...

First off, that was a stunning video. The video alone was worth the price of admission.

Not only does great music evoke emotions, but it also evokes conversations. The similarities between great music and a well-written blog like yours are numerous. Please keep writing great posts about great music.

Diva Incarnate said...

How could you not become friends with someone who says they like Kate Bush?

pdb73 said...

That's exactly why I have become a Blog addict. Gone are the days of pop music mags - so say hello you guys : ) Don't know where you all find the time, but be assured, we appreciate it.

pdb73 said...

PS - LOVE!! Kate Bush.

Unknown said...

Love Kate Bush and really appreciate your blog. It's very selfless of you to take the time.

xolondon said...

Thanks all!

V said...

Thank you for putting in that sparkle of hope and optimism in today's music culture - which has changed so much and all too quickly for my taste.

Your blog remains one of my all time favorite since the days of the "Musiquarium" :)

BTW: Hurry up and visit NYC already - I'm still waiting for that meal.

xolondon said...

VARANT! The Legend! I totally forgot about the musicquarium!