November 25, 2010

The Thrill and The Hurting... Kate Bush

cover by my friend, designer Richard P. Chapman

I recently challenged Andy of Shiny & New, to come up with a double-disc Kate Bush Collection, since her record label seems no longer capable of such a feat. Everyone is waiting for one - it's long-rumored - and I think a fan could come up with a better tracklist than a suit. And that Andy did. Check it now. After reading his list, which had some great surprises like the gorgeous Blow Away, I decided to take his as a starting point and do my own. This is trainspotter stuff, for the fans... because that is what we do. Mine adds a few rarities/album cuts that I think need re-evaluation.

We both decided it should be called The Thrill And The Hurting, after a superb 1989 album cut, Never Be Mine.

Disc One

1. Wuthering Heights
(1986 vocal)
2. Never Be Mine

Another Day (with Peter Gabriel)
5. The Sensual World
6. Running Up That Hill
7. This Woman’s Work

8. Hounds of Love

9. Top Of The City

10. Rubberband Girl

11. Cloudbusting
12. Blow Away (For Bill)
13. The Dreaming
14. Breathing
15. Nocturn

Disc Two

1. The Man With The Child In His Eyes

2. Be Kind To My Mistakes
3. King of the Mountain

Eat the Music
5. Wow
6. Jig of Life

7. Army Dreamers
Under The Ivy
9. Suspended in Gaffa
10. Love and Anger
11. The Big Sky
12. Rocket Man
13. There Goes a Tenner

14. Experiment IV (12" Mix)
Don't Give Up (with Peter Gabriel)

What would you drop/add? Just saying it could even make it happen...


Michael said...

Good selection. It's hard to pick because the quality of her material is so high. There's some good choices for non-single tracks there, including Top Of The City and Underneath The Ivy, a b-side that eclipses most artist's biggest a-sides.

I'd probably include Moments Of Pleasure. She says my name in it.

Also, the Rocket Man cover.

Diva Incarnate said...

Rocket Man is VERY special - the image of her playing and enjoying the music is nothing confrontationally striking but is my favourite 'moment' of Kate to look at again and again.

I'm now going to try compile my own tracklisting on my own space (would be too long to post here), but it's the kind of challenge you could do almost daily and constantly change it.

I do think The Sensual World has became her best body of work as a whole.

Anonymous said...

That is a great list and a great concept - she deserves a two disc collection.

I used to play the game of extending 'The Whole Story'. Even for a one disc 12 songs always seemed ridiculously short.

I used to add 'Hammer Horror' and 'Night of the Swallow' (was a single in Ireland so would fit in quite well) and then a speculative second new song to bring it up a respectable 15.

'Hammer Horror' is wonderfully lush - I could really see someone like Rufus Wainwright covering it well.

countpopula said...

This is a pretty great compilation. I vote to add Sat in Your Lap (first Kate song I heard that made me go "wow, that was really something else"), and the lovely "Oh England, My Lionheart".
"Rocket's Tail" is also brilliant for the use of the Bulgarian voices.

A personal favorite that doesn't really belong is "Bertie"--so unique and beautiful, a love song to her son.

Did you mean to include "Never Be Mine" twice?