November 3, 2010

Patrick Wolf: Time Of My Life

The new Patrick Wolf song has arrived with the first frost. It's the preview single from his album due out in... pause... MAY 2011. Why so long, I don't know... Anyway, for those who know his work well, until you hear it, you may not realize Time.. was on the seven-minute Battle preview a few years back. The actual final recording is very Patrick Wolfy. BIG sound, swooping strings, guitar, deep vox, wailing. The hand-claps are like icing.

If you're wondering, my favorite Patrick song is the first one I ever heard, The Libertine, and the accompanying LP, Wind In The Wires is my favorite Wolf album. The Magic Position was also stunning, but his last release, The Bachelor, despite some amazing stuff, suffered from bloat. Just too rich.

Listen now to the new single, but approach it knowing Patty's songs need high quality to be appreciated. If you are willing to log in to Youtube, you can hear a better quality version on Patrick's channel. The single is out on December 6, backed with a Leonard Cohen cover, Anthem.

I've written about Patrick since the early days of this blog in 2005. Click on the tag below for more.


countpopula said...

Patrick Wolf is covering the Dirty Dancing song?

Seriously, this is better than 90% of the stuff from the Bachelor. Bodes well for the album too. Now, if we could just get Florence & the Machine to cover, think of that!

Anna Bo said...

... but this is James' 'Getting away with it' !

I know, it's only 7 notes, but still... I like him, though, this is not slamming him.

xolondon said...

Wow, I'd not noticed that. I may update my post.. thanks Annie!