November 13, 2010

Mixtape: We could have had it all

Is it just me or is there a Florence + The Machine-esque quality to Rolling In The Deep (above), the new single by Adele? Both artists share a connection in Paul Epworth, whose drummy influence is stamped all over this new track. Regardless, the song is ecstatic. Adele is here to stay. Read this blog in 25 years and we'll be talking about her then. As for the now, Adele's album has been pushed to late February.

Laura Marling
has a new single out on November 15 - it's a cover of The Needle And The Damage Done (originally by Neil Young). Meanwhile, America belatedly gets her Indian EP with Mumford and Sons on December 7th.

Human League are ALMOST back with their new album, Credo, and single Night People. They look fantastic - and here are some shots behind the scenes on their shoot.

Killian Fox in The Guardian on I Blame Coco's CD: "The album ends up feeling oddly flat. We are left with a sense of excitement unfulfilled"

Rihanna. The jury is out on Loud. I love her look for this era and the way she pushes the boat out on some tracks (California King Bed, the Enya sample on Fading), while simultaneously going back in time on the best song (Man Down), but the album does not live up to her last two in terms of songs with a worthy "wow" factor. Shiny And New had this to say.

A short Hurts interview in Sweden. Theo seems nice here.

Are you reading (the blog) 3Mins30 secs? If not, do it now.

Did you know... Duran Duran's new album is out NEXT MONTH? All You Need Is Now comes out digitally December 21 and on CD in Feb 2011 (with 3 songs added). The album should sound like early Duran, based on this clip of Being Followed. #JOHNTAYLOR!

Quote of the Week: "Courtney Love seems like she's getting her shit together, rubbing it in her hair & running naked into traffic" -M. McKean

Penguin Prison's new single is Golden Train, which I've blogged about before (free remix!). The radio edit is a very different mix that what was played on the radio last month and - a juicy tidbit - the album mix clocks in at close to 6 minutes.
If you're in Great Britain, you can pre-order it from iTunes here and you can see him live over the next few weeks. DO IT.

Rock Dust Light Star, the new album from Jamiroquai, is really bad. Do get the Fred Falke mix of Blue Skies if you can (the original is the album's best track).

After a month of boredom with terrible new album releases (talking to you, Nadine and Cheryl), this week, I am all about two albums: Cee-Lo Green's The Lady Killer and Take That's Patience.

Finally, in his ongoing quest to remain willfully unheard, Jimmy Somerville has released a new dance EP called Bright Thing in France, Belgium and Luxembourg only. It has four new songs: Overload, Bright Thing, Hearts and Freak, which you can sample here and now.


Myfizzypop said...

Surely Adele is making enough money from her cover of To Make You Feel my Love yo yoing up and down the UK charts thanks to x factor? I'm glad she's back though and perhaps doesn't want her album to get lost in the Christmas rush?

By the time you get to track two (SOS) on Take That, it is already infinitely better than anything on Loud!! And look at those sales on day one in the uk. It's a phenomenen!!

Human League, Duran Duran, Jimmy, Hurts?! The 80s are truly back :)

countpopula said...

Wow, this Adele actually excites me. Glad to hear she's taking a step forward sonically.

Take That is quite shocking when you expect something like "Patience" or "Shine", but in a really good way. Some will moan about the loss of ballads and Barlow, but this seems like a really healthy step for all of them to move forward. Still, I can't help but think that this was began as a Robbie/Price project that became part of a reunion. Oh well...I'm sure Gary will get to sing loads more songs in the coming years. This was heralded as the return of Robbie. How long will he stay, do you think? He really has some detractors. Shame really, when you listen to his new singles collection. What an amazing group of songs.

Human League? I saw them live a couple years ago at one of those revival tours, and they were the best they've ever been. High hopes here, as Secrets was one of the best and most overlooked albums of the past decade.

Not feeling the Duran "rollout release"--seems like a cash grab to get people to buy it twice to get it all--especially after all those pricey remasters they just put out. Nick Rhodes must need a new houseboy.

xolondon said...

Yep, good for Adele to wait.

And I think Duran should wait too, or do what Adele is going and put out a teaser single.

Personally, I think Adele should pop Rolling In The Deep on itunes NOW. Would love to know why they won't.

And, yes, I don't think Gary is worried. The deal with Robbie is for one album/one tour.

Sam Ross said...

that adele jam is tops. unrelated, but have you heard this yet?