November 2, 2010

Cover Story: Cut Copy's Zonoscope

Doesn't it seem like years since Cut Copy's In Ghost Colours? They are finally releasing Zonoscope on February 8. We now virtually nothing about the album other than this awesome/rad cover collage by Japanese artist Tsunehisa Kimura.

Right around album release time, they'll start doing shows again in their native Australia.

For those "ADD" fans who used to love Cut Copy and cannot wait another hot minute, I suggest you try Gypsy & The Cat.


Brad said...

LOVE the cover! Wow! Cut Copy continue to prove themselves uber reliable.

xolondon said...

The music is a big mystery to me. Not sure I loved the freebie single, but then one can never trust those!

countpopula said...

I hate to say it, but I really don't want them to change. The last CD was utter perfection, and I'm afraid if they move too far in one or another direction, that perfection will be gone forever. OCD much???