November 6, 2010

Bright Lights Bright Lights

Ellie Goulding is re-releasing her debut album, Lights, originally released in March, 2010. The new version, called Bright Lights, is out in just 3 weeks, on November 29. Not only does it correctly add the excellent title track, Lights, but it brings SIX new songs. I've heard demos for This Music (aka Believe Me) and Little Dreams -both are superb. She's also been playing Human live. Watch youtube clips of all three (the first two in demo form) below.

The original Lights album is sublime pop; it doesn't suffer the samey-ness that marred a few of her peers' LPs this year. That said, her label made some big mistakes. The most obvious single - and finest track on the record - This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) - was beaten out by the doomed Guns And Horses. Since I'm in full trainspotter mode, I'll also say I think Your Biggest Mistake - a Fraser T. Smith collaboration - and Every Time You Go could've done a better job on the charts than The Writer. No one really knows. What's clear is that the new release is likely to best the original. Well done, Ellie Goulding.


1. Guns and Horses
2. Starry Eyed
3. This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)
4. Under the Sheets
5. The Writer
6. Every Time You Go
7. Wish I Stayed
8. Your Biggest Mistake
9. I'll Hold My Breath
10. Salt Skin

and these new songs:

11. Lights
(previously a bonus track)
12. Human
13. Little Dreams (produced with Liam Howe)
14. Home
15. Animal
16. Believe Me
17. Your Song (bonus track)

Preview them all on Amazon UK or...

a demo of Believe Me, with an alternate title...

and Human, live last week...

If you make it to her current UK tour, you'll also catch Bright Light Bright Light appropriately opening...


Paul said...

seeing her a week on Monday so looking forward to BLBL too :) Love the new album cover... not a huge fan of album rereleases but this one seems totally worth the while...

DanProject76 said...

Damnit! I already bought the album once as it's very great and love it but this kind of re-release gimmick irritates me.

(I'll end up getting it again, I just know I'll give in)