October 18, 2010

Penguin Prison... No one can stop the golden train

Waving, not drowning in a wet white shirt... Chris Glover, aka Penguin Prison

Penguin Prison is about to release his new single, Golden Train, on November 22 via the UK Wall Of Sound label. It's the first official single from his debut album, out in late winter /early spring 2011. I particularly love the lyrics to this one and the way the track becomes so layered in the final minute. Fantastic. It was co-produced by Alex Frankel of the band Holy Ghost! Here's how Chris described it on this blog earlier this year:
Golden Train...is a straight disco song with a Michael Jackson type vocal on it and some really crazy sounding synths we made with a half broken Casio.
Penguin Prison: Golden Train (The Royal Palms remix) Free MP3

Penguin Prison is opening for Two Door Cinema's American dates right now (check myspace). Many of the shows are actually sold out, but he also has a fall UK tour planned:

Nov 17th | LONDON, Gold Dust @ Hoxton B+G
Nov 18th | LONDON, Bump @ The Den
Nov 19th | NOTTINGHAM,Bodega
Nov 20th | BRISTOL, Start The Bus*
Nov 25th | LONDON, Yo Yo @ NHAC
Nov 26th | MANCHESTER, Clique Club @ Mint Lounge^DJSET^
Nov 27th | EDINBURGH, SneakyFest @ Sneaky Petes
Dec 1st | BRIGHTON, Adventures In The Dark @ Coalition
Dec 3rd | LONDON, Mix-Mag Event

Penguin Prison on myspace and Twitter


DanProject76 said...

Sounds intriguing as I like his work... but the donwnload link went 'plop' :-(

xolondon said...

Really? Works for me, although I am not in a place I can check the actual streaming bit.

DanProject76 said...

It works today, thanks! Yesterday it just donwloaded a tiny sized file that was basically nothing.

Great track.

KulPop said...

Song sounds great. I certainly prefer the direction Penguin Prison is going in over the disappointing Starsmith single. Pity his U.K. tour doesn't start a week earlier, would have loved to see him in London in early November.