October 7, 2010

Mixtape: The good, the bad, the barren and the plush

If it seems like I've been missing lately, I have. For the past two months my job has been more demanding on every level -I don't do anything particularly hard, but it's wiped out my brain moreso this year than ever before. And this week I've been a sickie, so bear with me. At some point this blog will end, it's inevitable, but I am not quite ready yet. Here are some recent tidbits worth noting:

Cocknbullkid is finally releasing an album called Adulthood (in Feb '11). Her new single is called One Eye Open and it's very "big" - she did it with Joe Cross, who co-wrote the Hurts album (!). Of you go to her myspace also listen to the song Cocknullkid. Like Marina, she has her own blog that shows a bit of her personality. Thank you for that, Anita.

Es Devlin, the stage designer, talks about working with Lady Gaga.

Roisin Murphy is slowly reappearing. She talked to the Independent about her next single, Demon Lover.

Phil at Worrapolava has done a post on the superb Gypsy And The Cat, a great new Aussie band, that's like Empire Of The Sun minus the prog-rock pretense. I recommend three songs: Sight Of A Tear, the very Fleetwood Maccy Jona Vark and Time To Wander (see the video for that on Phil's blog).

Did you play Hundred In The Hand's churning Young Aren't Young yet? Do it. Their November single is Commotion, a bipolar track - verses are indie rock and the chorus is electropop.

Robyn was in The Guardian talking about favorite music from her life (example TLC's Creep! and Neneh Cherry's epic Raw Like Sushi - I can hear the influence of them both)

McFly like to talk about peen and sperm, but it isn't selling any albums. Selling dicks is not equal to selling discs?

Mark Savage has heard the new Nadine Coyle album. I literally never want to hear her song Insatiable ever again. Really dislike it. Meanwhile, Popjustice has heard some new Rihanna tracks and was quite disappointed. That's another song (Only Girl) I don't care for. I know I'm in the minority on that, but I find it really shrill.

Love, however, the new Pink song, Raise A Glass, the verses of which strangely remind me of Dream Academy's This World. This song soars, as per usual with Pink.

I've not heard a thing about the new Belle And Sebastian album. The website has a 30 minuted promo film about the record, of which The Guardian says: "It takes just under four minutes for Belle And Sebastian's eighth album to demand a place among the best of their career. " Wow!

For those of you into Britpop, Passenger, who did a lovely album a few years back, have returned with a much folkier second disc. I do heartily recommend the gorgeous track Rivers. You hear it on their Flight Of The Crow widget.

The scoop is that Chapel Club is going to be huge in 2011, but I don't find them terribly original. That said, I think they are working with the brilliant Paul Epworth, so maybe better songs are too come. You can hear them on Q's Track Of The Day.

Indigo Girls have a bluegrass Christmas album? I'll pass.

Randomly, I downloaded an 80's album I'd never heard before - Johnny Hates Jazz's debut. I love What Other Reason. But they sound nothing like Hurts. I am not sure where that comparison comes from - I think I had made it myself?

LaRoux is on Kanye West's new album. For realz, on one says.

A UK singer called Kate Walsh has recorded a shimmery cover of Prefab Sprout's When Love Breaks Down. Hear a short snippet. She's also done covers of EMF's Unbelievable (as a ballad!) and Blur's Beetlebum.

Alison Moyet is working on a new album with Frou Frou's Guy Sigsworth according to Vinny Vero. Amazing.

And herrrre is a teaser for Take That's new single, The Flood:


This video above comes from Claude Friese-Greene's The Open Road. filmed in 1926 and now re-edited and digitally restored by the BFI National Archive. These clips fascinate me! The title of this post is actually a quote about London from - who else? - Morrissey.


countpopula said...

First of all, you are never allowed to quit blogging here! You are far too talented and interesting to read to let it go--at least for a while.

I have heard the Belle and Sebastian. Prepare yourself. It's their best album in a while. At least since Dear Catastrophe Waitress, but maybe ever. Even the Norah Jones duet is quite disarming.

Love Hundred in the Hands album--thanks for the recommend. Have you heard Glasser? You should.

Agree on Nadine--such a letdown. Makes me appreciate Cheryl more.

Yay Pink.

Why does it take Roisin a year to release a single that's supposedly been done for at least that long?

SO EXCITED about Moyet and Sigsworth!

Paul said...

the new take that song is immense.

I love your mixtape posts. I like to pretend that you have actually sent me a cassette tape in the post with an inlay with your own writing and doodles all over while i listen to the youtube clips.

I am probably one of only 5 people universally who is mildly interested in the Indigo Girls I'll Have A Blue(grass) Christmas album...

PS. What Countpopula said re you and blogging.

DanProject76 said...

How did I not know that Joe Cross from Performance (who I love) was involved in the Hurts album? My brain has been busy with work like you have, obviously.

Moyet & Sigsworth? Yes please! And yes the new Passenger album is delightful, isn't it?

Michael said...

Take That look like a bunch of Winkelvi.

xolondon said...

NICE current reference!

Michael said...

I didn't think I'd like the P!nk song. Figured it'd be another So What-style track, but it's very catchy.

D'luv said...

As I said on Twitter (i.e. your main home these days), I am having a love affair with "The Flood."

P!nk's jam is great too. Xolondon, the Max Martin convert....

countpopula said...

Do you think the Take That song is gonna make people forget the Katie Melua song from earlier this year with the same title?

xolondon said...

Twitter is my main home these days, I suppose.

Anyway, Kate WHO?

countpopula said...

Awwww, you didn't like Katie's song? Sounded like she recorded it especially to suit your taste this time around...William Orbit even did the mix, correct?