September 7, 2010

XO's 10 Cent Music Prize

After the appalling travesty that was Example's win of the PopJustice Twenty Quid Music Prize, I have decided to do the Right Thing and name my own winner.

It is not Hurts in their slim cut suits
It is not Marina with her banshee wail
It can't be Sophie with the legs for miles
And it's certainly not Example in an epic #FAIL

No No No. It's Mini Viva. The legendary she-pop duo whose album may never see the light of day. For these 3 songs alone, I exalt them:

embedding disabled for a shelved band? Here is the Legotastic video

To be fair to PopJustice, all three of these songs were in the Twenty Quid pool - it was STACKED with Mini Viva.


John said...

And finally the balance of the universe has been restored.

Brad said...

Honestly--what were they thinking? That song is objectively NOT very good to begin with.

Unknown said...

Example winning really highlights the need for there to have been a Girls Aloud single release this past year.

"One Touch" and "Real Late Starter" were robbed. ROBBED!

Vinny Vero said...

Clearly, the folks at Popjustice were blinded by Mini Viva's onslaught. In a fit of panic, they voted for the worst choice. Long live Mini Viva!

Poster Girl said...

Between "Kickstarts" and "I Wish," I'd give it to "Kickstarts," but it never should have been Mini Viva's least good single in the finals anyway (for that matter, "Kickstarts" isn't Example's best single in the past year either).

For what it's worth, my vote going in would have been for "One Touch," with a second placed allegiance to Alexandra Burke's "Bad Boys."

Yuяi said...

Yes, yes, and YES! Mini Viva FTW!