September 30, 2010

This is really serious

That tweet went to 3 MILLION 376,000 people. Following a rash of gay people committing suicide, this is 50cent's response. He has survived NINE bullets in his body, gone onto extreme wealth and fame, but nothing can save that soul. A miserable person taking it out on the world.

The cynic in me thinks that if this makes the national news, it will be be mulled over and "debated" by media pundits, as if there is a right side to this argument.

At the end of the day, what this is about is fear. The world is changing and, for some reason, gay people get to this asshole. Meanwhile, some white-hooded bigot is blathering on about the demise of white America. Who knew the rapper and the Klansmen would be simpatico?

Update 10/1 from Huffington Post on Fiddy's bullshitty non-apology


countpopula said...

50 Cent's soul will answer to his tweet about this sickening trend one day in hell. Nobody in the 21st century should feel so persecuted that they need to take their own life because of their sexual preferences.

xolondon said...

This comment comes from RuBhatt who could not actually get the post to work, so I am doing it for him:

I think the tweet should be taken in context. If you read his timeline youcan see that it started with him asking for a someone to perform fellatio on him. Apparently women are not willing to do so because
"men" seem to have stingy mouths and are unwilling to perform oral sex on women. He then demands that "men" perform oral sex on women so they would be more willing to perform fellatio on other men, namely him.

With the alarming LGBT teen suicide rate it's easy to think his tweet is a response but he probably doesn't care enough to comment on that specifically. Is it homophobic (by being heteronomative) b/c he arguably is presuming gay men don't exist by soley using the word men?

Yes. Has he had homophobic tweets in past? Yes. Is he a homophobe?
Probably. But again, I don't think this tweet has anything to do with
the suicides, it just shows that sometimes 140 characters is not the
best way to express oneself. Choose your words wisely.

xolondon said...

50 Cent has had almost 24 hours to respond to this misunderstanding and he has not. He is online, tweeting, and - presumably - enjoying the attention.

Phil said...

It took RuBatt a ton of characters to put 50 Cent's 2 cents' worth "into context". But tweets like this can easily be reproduced out of context and quite rightly, this out of step has-been is being held to account as a vile homophobic idiot.

It's weird, but only up until last year, his management were trying to out him as a sensitive artist in the UK . Seriously! He appeared on the Grham Norton Show, of all things, when his UK film was released. I never believed it for a second.

D'luv said...