September 22, 2010

Red Alert: NEW Goldfrapp, October 11

Alison and Will have surprised everyone by lending a new song, We Radiate, to the forthcoming Vampire Diaries soundtrack, out in the US on October 11 via Capitol Records. Hear a 30-second sample on iTunes US. Sounds very much like a good outtake from the superb (and overlooked) Head First.


Myfizzypop said...

very exciting indeedimondus! which is clearly not a word. Still, i am loving Goldfrapp this year so am quite pleased about this!

MadByMe said...

omg, great news!! im gonna try and hear it now.. hope i can,cuz im in spain , sometimes thats only available for the states..
i love goldfrapp. hope they keep making music for like..ever

D'luv said...

Sex with frozen corpse.