September 20, 2010

Must-watch: Nuhdeen Coyle interviewed by Scott Mills

A year in LA and she sounds like this? As I have said before, I could listen to Nadine Coyle talk all day. She is a glittery patchwork of LA trophy girl glamour and, as we say in America, hick.

Listen for how she says Guy Chambers name ("Gie Chamberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs") or how a mental asylum becomes a
"mantle asylum" and her friends are "all me freeeyunds."
Nadine is apparently not a friend to the soft "i" - hence...
"He came to me lovin' rooom..." and "Me mommy and daddy, the love over theyurrr."

I'm eager to her hear do more interviews for this record. As for the single, Insatiable? I hope never to heyurrrr it again.

Thanks to Phil for the clip!


Phil said...

"Gay Shambrrrrrz" "I did the vercals in me loving room" - and i love the way she talks to thin air. Whale-cum bay-ack Nudeen.

jt said...

This only makes me think of French & Saunders going, "Are you going to do the accent?" "Hello, how are you?"

Shan said...

Greatest HAT album. Never heard of one.

xolondon said...

@phil and she kept playing with her hair, which actually looked kind of limp to me!

@jt - good call on Dawn and Jennifer!

@shan - the list of strange pronunciations is endless. It's like every other word!