September 24, 2010

Has there ever been a more smiley popstar than Joe McElderry?

The new Joe McElderry video (which is hard to see if you are not in UK, but may be here) is a record label doing everything right, with old school money spent. We've seen reality stars - Joe won the X Factor - fail so many times because the label doesn't showcase what made them popular on TV. In this case, Joe smiles giddily throughout the video and that is his gold. It's also a buoyant, happy tune, even if it's ripped from another group* who released THIS song THIS year! Joe's version adds an orchestral sweep to the chorus that makes it prettier, but I don't get the auto-tuning on the verses; it seems to be the industry standard now.

As for this "making of" clip above, it's fascinating to see Nigel Dick, who directed some of the most famous videos of all time, from Tears For Fears in their imperial phase all the way to Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears. And I've said it before: I could listen to Joe talk all day.

Last fact: His name is really pronounced Joe Mackle-derry but he professionally changed it.

*The Donkeyboy kids will be rich


Myfizzypop said...

For some reason, I was absolutely furious about the song choice, but i suppose it's not surprising. It seems to be the norm for Joe to cover a song that's less than a year old (see also The Climb). However, screw that, the video has totally won me over even if it has nabbed the dance routine from both Same Difference and Mamma Mia the movie... I'm converted!

xolondon said...

Yeah, I think the fact that it's an uptempo song is a smart move. Everyone expected a goopy ballad, a la The Climb (which he did all George Michael-y, yes?)

countpopula said...

Nothing against Joe personally, but as of this moment, I think I am OVER contest winners. It's all gotten so BORING, hasn't it? I can't think of anybody who has been in the top tier of one of these shows in the past 5 years that I still want to be hearing in another 10 (save possibly Adam Lambert). Hopefully they start focusing more on the artistic side and less on the "vocal prowess" and sweet likeability.

While it's nice this may make Donkeyboy some money, you'd hope that they could actually enjoy the success on their own terms.

Ironically, my confirmation word for this post was "trash".

D'luv said...

Love it and love him. He makes a good pop star. "Filum!"

Michael said...

Did some lucky 11-year old girl win a contest allowing her to choreograph that video?