September 11, 2010

Florence in America: The dog days are not over

pic: John Shearer/

Florence and The Machine will perform on Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards and apparently Flo is turning it out big time. This is what MTV's Buzzworthy blog says about her rehearsals:
Her VMA performance is an expression of color, music, dance, movement and momentum and pure joy. It was like a little piece of heaven caught fire and fell to earth. From her remarkable modern dancers to a live choir, dancers live drumming, and a digital montage of graphics that range from an enchanted forest to psychedelic swirls. During a dramatic pause during "Dog Days Are Over," the entire VMA production crew, watching Florence from the floor of the Nokia Theater where the VMAs will take place, burst into applause after Florence exploded into song.
Cannot wait to see this. The other night on Twitter, I was wishing for new amazing artists and she is certainly one of a few we have right now. Her music and visuals are so unique, especially in these days of processed pop puppets, and her live show was literally one of the best I have ever seen. In the US, you hear her songs everywhere, licensed for movie trailers and TV shows. Which is good, because she needs big $$ to make her next CD- I actually wish she'd disappear to work on that.

More photos of Florence rehearsing over at MTV. Thanks to Chartrigger for the info.

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