September 14, 2010

The Case of Willow Smith

That is Willow Smith, scion of the Will Smith-Jada Pinkett-We're-Almost-Scientologists "dynasty." She is soon to release her debut single, Whip My Hair, the first attempt by her parents (in collusion with Jay Z) to launch her pop music career. A few nights ago I listened to the song and was suddenly overcome with a case of the Adult. You see, fierce though Willow may be, SHE IS NINE YEARS OLD.

Here are my tweets and a few responses:


How old is Willow Smith? 9? I am not sure I approve of a kid this young being set up in a career. #callmeoldfashioned Let a kid be a kid

There are lots of child actors but pop music is a different game altogether. Song is clever, but...

I know everyone will want to say they are "whipping their hair" etc.- it's sassy - but what are the odds for child pop stars surviving it?

Jay Z on Willow: "She has a child's innocence but she has a clear vision of who she is and who she wants to be" Please. He sees $tar$

@varnfiesh to @xolondon: I agree. No child is that focused. I'm going to be 20 soon and I don't even have a clear vision of I am/want to be :|

@xolondon to @varnfiesh In these times, I think it takes many people much longer to grow up b/c they have so many options. Not just get married/have kids

@alphableat to @xolondon It's too much for someone so young. Jadyn Smith may be taking on temporary characters, but this is a full-time persona for Willow.

Another good point from @Alphableat never doubt the Intelligence of the Tweep

The whole saga will play out this fall and in 2011. It's sure to be a hot mess, so sit back at watch the child labor. What do you think? Is Willow too young? Jay Z has compared her, presumptuously and tellingly, to Michael Jackson. It's ONE SONG, Hov!

As for the song? Warning: it is an earworm

Clearly, lil Willow has been listening to some Rihanna.


Tatoonie said...

seriously, I can't listen to it, but I do agree with you on the fact she is 9 years old and didn't we have this with Raven Symone in the early 90'

D'luv said...

Hope she doesn't f*** for tracks.

xolondon said...

You are deeply offensive, D'luv. You'd get hung by your balls if they were not so teensy.

John said...

Wasn't Raven at least a year or two older? This is just trying to be everything to everyone. Bleh. She says she's gonna "go hard"...does she even know what that means? How hard can you be at 9?

countpopula said...

Maybe the writers thought "going deep" was the one to stay away from.

The Will/Jada axis can be a bit odd. I sometimes wonder if JPS would have made it on talent alone, or if she needed her hubby's coattails to elevate her career above the average.

Phil said...

That was five minutes I'm never getting back.