September 30, 2010

2010: Q3: Summer's end

NOTE: This post turned into a nightmare of constant Take-Down Notice emails that never made clear what the problem was. I've removed a lot of links to youtube clips in order to try and keep the post visible.

In no order, my Top Songs for the third quarter - SUMMER! - 2010.
One song by each artist and for this list all of the songs are actually released.
You can hear/see them on myspace or youtube by clicking on the title...

Kylie Minogue Get Outta My Way

Sophie Ellis Bextor /Armin Van Buuren Not Giving Up On Love (album mix)
Dragonette Volcano

Katy Perry Teenage Dream

Robyn Hang With Me

The Water
Bim Head Over Heels
Bright Light Bright Light Cry At Films
Who Said Anything (About Falling In Love?)
One Night Only Say You Don't Want It
Samuel Still Here
Brendan James The Fall

Judie Tzuke
If (When You Go)
Long Long Day
Sara Bareilles Basket Case
Ben Folds and Nick Hornby Picture Window

The Hundred In The Hands Young Aren't Young
The Good Natured Your Body Is A Machine

What did I forget?


Worthy recent albums:
Kylie Minogue, Scissor Sisters, Bim, Robyn, Hurts, The Pipettes, The Hundred In The Hands, Ben Folds/Nick Hornby

What's coming:
, Rihanna, Bryan Ferry, new Pet Shop Boys single, Adele, Frankmusik, Take That, Sufjan Stevens, Joe McElderry, Belle and Sebastian, Wolf Gang

Sara Bareilles, Seal, The Script, Mark Ronson (everyone else will love this one), Sarah McLachlan. I am waffling on Brandon Flowers.


countpopula said...

Good list--I have to admit I have no room in my heart for Ms. Bareilles--just too darn bland. If I want something like that, I go to Imogen Heap or any other myriad of females. Sorry you think the McLachlan is disappointing though. It is a grower, and probably better than her last one.

Other than the Boy George/Simon LeBon songs, I'm not really loving the Ronson either. The Maximum Balloon record from Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio is much better for that sort of thing.

What about Seal? I hate to say it, but as syrupy-sentimental it is, he does give some fantastic vocal performances, and it was much better than I expected. Better than Seal 3 (Human Being), 4, and Soul, and more possible hits than 5 (System). Still not a patch on 1 and 2 though. Hopefully he can pay some bills and feed all those kids he's got now.

D'luv said...

Surprised Brandon Flowers didn't land a mention anywhere (even if only in disappointments). I do like "Crossfire" and "Only The Young."

Anonymous said...

Good list obvs. I love Body Talk Part 2 which you haven't mentioned. I like what I've heard of the Mark Ronson album! I like Rose Elinor Dougall's album. I really like all of Tinie Tempah's singles so far but haven't heard the track with Ellie Goulding yet. I like the Cheryl Cole single.

xolondon said...

@count Don't like the Seal, though I did enjoy Seal IV. I actually think he has jumped the shark. Too Hollywood now. Re Sara B- you need to hear Basket Case on headphones. Amazing. Will check out the Sitek- I keep seeing it.

@dluv It just kind of bores me, though I think Crossfire will age well. It has a loveliness about it. And I do LOVE the title track.

@chemistry Am correcting my Body Talk fail! Dougall has not stuck with me. I need to play it more. I hear the Tempah/Ellie is solid.

countpopula said...

XO--I know what you mean about the Seal--that David Foster sound that appeals to fans of Michael Buble seems to be all over it. I do think though that they vocals are pretty outstanding, even if they aren't about much more than LURVE.

You're the one who got me into Rose in the first place! That's a WONDERFUL record, and it gets better with every play. Love the arrangements and her voice. It has an indie feel without being cheap or ramshackle.

Thanks to chemistry for remembering Robyn. Great project.

Agree with your Flowers comments. Bareilles just seems like something that would have appealed to granola college-bound females about 8 years ago, but I'll wait to hear it to pass judgement.

John said...

I'm surprised you don't have "Brave" or "4th of July" on the singles list. As for albums, I'm still loving the Melanie Fiona. If you're gonna mix old and new school, her album should be a prototype.

xolondon said...

Kelis was on my Q2 lists. I feckin' love that record. It will end up HIGH on my end of 2010 lists.