August 6, 2010


...and you can pick three producers to collaborate with on your debut album?
Who are they?



xolondon said...

Mine are Paul Epworth, Marius Devries and Guy Sigsworth.

Jason said...

Gardner Cole, Jon St. James, and Prince...because I want to make the trashiest pop album of all time, circa 1987.

Aaron said...

Bloodshy & Avant, Stuart Price & Xenomania

Jason said...

Oh, and if I decided to go in more of an urban/freestyle direction instead, my second tier of choices would be Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Lewis A. Martinee, and Mark Liggett & Chris Barbosa, circa 1988.

D'luv said...

Willa Ford, Johnny Weir and Rhonda from USA Up All Night.

xolondon said...

Thank you to those who answered legitimately. As for "D'luv", your answer is Stock Aitken Waterman.

Jason said...

No, PWL, PWL! They were WAY better than Stock Aitken Waterman.

countpopula said...

This is actually a really hard question, as there is so much great music to choose from so many excellent producers. If I had to choose:

Klas Ahlund
Paul Epworth
Mark Ronson
Liam Howe

Richard X
Stuart Price
Greg Kurstin
Nigel Godrich

William Orbit
Stephen Street
Mark Bell
Pascal Gabriel
Nellee Hooper

Trevor Horn
Stephen Hague
Alex Sadkin
John Fryer
Jim Steinman

This is as far back as I can remember. There were a few others I think deserve namechecking like Mike Thorne, Martin Rushent, Colin Thurston, Clive Langer & Alan Winstanley, Flood, Francois Kervorkian, Nile Rodgers, and John Leckie, but there were so many more going back even further (like George Martin). There are also other great newbies like Starsmith, Frankmusik, Calvin Harris, Kleerup...too many to name, in fact.

I only really defend early SAW--Dead or Alive's YOUTHQUAKE is positively massive, even today.

Prince has difficulty making his own records sound good anymore.

countpopula said...

Oh, and I couldn't pick just three...I want it to be a massive double album a la Welcome to the Pleasuredome.

xolondon said...

Love it Count. Nile Rodgers! Maybe I can record the followup to "diana" and call it "xo"? And yes, you can have 4 sides of vinyl. 88 mins for you!

countpopula said...

Awesome! I wanna go out with a bang! Thanks for the 88 mins--one minute per piano key! Maybe one producer per song, with each decade listed per side! What an album THAT would be! One for the ages, albeit quite costly. Is it possible to resurrect Alex Sadkin as well? We may have to put Nile in his place and let him whack away at something that mixes "The Reflex" with "Like a Virgin", no?

xolondon said...

You get one decade per side. 88 Keys / 88 Minutes.

countpopula said...

Dream come true, so sayeth Deborah Gibson.

John said...

Rick Rubin, Quincy Jones, and Dave Stewart.

Ryan said...

Pet Shop Boys, Stuart Price, and Trevor Horn

Jason said...

countpopula: I meant that I wanted Prince to co-produce my album circa 1987 (see above), back when he was still a pop music genius. But if Prince was already too passe for you even back then, then I suppose I'll have to swap him for Ish Ledesma (of Company B fame). Oh well.

countpopula said...

Hey there other Jason (I'm Jason too): You are right there--Prince was a deffo genius in 87--I would not deny that at all, although I might be inclined to bring the latino flava with Lewis Martinee instead of Ish, even though Company B had one heavenly smash single...Expose had many more fiery tunes (and let us not forget his work on PSB's "Domino Dancing").

If I have to be limited to 3 currently, Ahlund, Epworth, and Ronson would fit the bill.

daniel said...

xenomania, calvin harris and danja or bloodshy & avant

KulPop said...

Top 3 would have to be the duo of Chris Hughes & Ross Cullum, Simon Climie and Rupert Hine (with Stephen Tayler on the mix).

Also would love to work with Guy Sigsworth, Pete Byrne (Naked Eyes), guys from Black Room, Colin Munroe, Darren Hayes, Nik Kershaw, Ben Watt, Howard Jones, Stephen Duffy, Steve Lillywhite, Starsmith, Fred Falke, Pet Shop Boys, James Yuill, Tom Bailey, Empire Of The Sun, guys from Lo-Fi-Fnk, George Merrill (Boy Meets Girl), Stephen Hague, Green (from Scritti Politti), Robbie Nevil, guys from Keane, Teitur, Jonatha Brooke, guys from a-ha, Lauren Christy, guys from Tears For Fears, David Bridie, Frankmusik, guys from The Attic ... I could keep going but I'll stop there.

D'luv said...

Tara Reid, O-Zone and Bikini Girl

Jason said...

Jon Brion, Jeff Lynne, Michael Penn. Not exactly pop, but if I made a record, it probably wouldn't be "pop".

xolondon said...

Jeff Lynne is pop music, imo!

John said...

I think I picked mine more for the person than the sound. Who wouldn't want to pick Rick Rubin's brain?

Yuяi said...

Max Martin, Stuart Price, and PWL!

Michael said...

Freemasons, Chris Lake, and Seamus Haji.

Jason said...

These comments are all really fun to read!

And countpopula/Jason: I'd also included Lewis A. Martinee of Expose fame in my second comment above! Ish Ledesma was totally a joke on my part, though I do love "Fascinated" and a couple of other Company B songs.

The other obscure producer who popped into my head today is Teneen Ali...does anybody remember him at all? He produced stuff for Latin/freestyle singers like Nancy Martinez ("For Tonight," "Move Out," etc.). Why do I even remember the names of these people?

Oh, and I'm a big fan of Patrick Leonard's production work too, so I'd probably enlist him for my debut album as well.

countpopula said...

Ah Jason, you DID mention Martinee...sorry I missed that. The guy was a genius, right? SUCH an influential sound.