August 12, 2010

Video 1: I'm a believer in you now

Ahh, the big silver donut tour. Goldfrapp return with one more video, likely the last, from their very retro Head First project. This is a really sweet song, isn't it? There's a great shot at about 2:14 (and the end of this post) of the three women in the band dancing in what looks like a garden center, totally middle-aged mommish compared to their louche rock-disco stage personas. BUT it cannot be ignored that Alison's costuming for this tour was beyond. Mary Queen of Shops would quake at the Cool.

The album Believer comes from remains one of my top records of the years and has been sorely overlooked in the hullaballoo over other electropop. I just wish the band would make a bit more effort with their singles - better remixers, b-sides, things to make it special. They just seem a bit tired on that front. Whatever. I hope Alison and Will make music for years to come.

Thanks for the head's up, Red Radio

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Anonymous said...

I feel the same way, very disappointed in the "Head Fist" remixes and lack of great b-sides.

They did a great job on past singles, especially early on -the b-side cover of "Yes Sir" being my favorite. The "Felt Mountain" era "UK Girls(Physical)" is another favorite.