August 8, 2010

Rumer Has It

This is Rumer and I know very little about her other than this:

She is not Rumer Willis.
Her name, bless her, provides all sorts of options for bad puns and references (see above)
She spent her formative years in England, but was born in Pakistan.
She has been cited as sounding like Karen Carpenter, Carole King etc. I'd add in someone like Roberta Flack as well. The gist is that her sound is very 70's singer/songwriter.
The music is warm and chilled out. Some might say it's too chilled or too adult, but I am (apparently ) an adult and I like it. Not everything needs to be electropop, capisce?
Her debut album will be called, in a 70's kind of way, Seasons Of My Soul.

I also know that Rumer is giving away a jazzy pop song called Long Long Day, it's a cover of a relatively obscure Paul Simon song (from One Trick Pony). You can download it for free now. I actually prefer it to her debut single, Slow (not a Kylie cover!)...

The single is out August 23, with UK tour dates throughout the fall. You can follow her on Twitter and there is even a Rumer fan blog.


Paul said...

Yes, someone is bound to do a "I heard a Rumer" post... :) I think her voice is utterly enchanting. I really want to hear some variety in her debut album, and from what I can gather that is what we will get. Goodie ;)

Michael said...

You lost me at "she is not Rumer Willis."

xolondon said...

Poor Michael, are you head of the Rumer Willis fan club?

danyelle6974 said...

If you do want to know more about Rumer (not Rumer Willis LOL) then check out my page which charts all the previous projects (that we know of) that Rumer was involved in.
There are some fab tracks by Rumer already released.