August 26, 2010

Robbie and Gary, yearning to touch.

Ten - Plus One - Thoughts On Shame:

1 This is a somewhat pointless new Robbie Williams/Gary Barlow single, like needless foreplay to the upcoming Stuart Price-produced Take That single, The Flood.

2 So this video is supposedly based upon Brokeback Mountain, though it's more like two guys meeting at their 20th high school reunion.

3 Unlike Brokeback, there is no burly man-hugging, violent kissing or spit-lubed tentfucks to be seen. #sadday

4 Notice their cars are virtually the same model. This signifies a Connection. Heavy stuff.

5 It seems almost purposefully lit to highlight forehead wrinkles. England does not believe in botox, correct?

6 The parts where they sing to each other at the bar are like an 80's country western video - impossibly cheesy. But Gary Barlow has never flinched from being a Showboy, has he?

7 The song itself, a Robbie and Gary co-write, is not what I expected. It's like a John Denver track! Robbie seems particularly intent these days on crafting autobiographical songs. It's not bad, though maybe not a "hit single."

8 The lyrics have become infamous in a matter of hours: Robbie: "So I got busy throwing everybody underneath the bus." Gary: "And with your poster thirty-foot-high at the back of Toys R Us." They really are the new Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, aren't they?

9 The rocks scenes! My God, the unsightly sexual yearning. Robbie practically undresses Gary with his eyes at 2:22. And how many shirts does one need to wear in Southern California?

10 From here on out, the video goes belly up. First metaphorically, with the painful performance (in suits!) at 3:10 and then literally...

11 Chartrigger noted what I did - that Gary is unsubtly hidden for much of the topless, climbing sequence. But Chartrigger saw what I did not: that Barlow is sucking in his muffin top. Embrace it, GB, it's just the beginning.

Shame is released on October 4th with a b-side called, haw haw, The Queen. Take That's single arrives soon thereafter (with a sculling video already shot).


Paul said...

I found it all rather charming and lovely as it happens. I thought the lyrics were quite touching really and the touching was quite pleasing, so it all worked for me. England does believe in botox, but thank god Gary and Robbie do not. I prefer the unbotchilised (sp?) look :) I'm eager for the take that single now...

countpopula said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Didn't Rob just get married? I think an Oscar may be in the offing. Decent song, although I there is a word you used that may be appropriate: "pointless". Let's hope the the next one isn't so cuddly and intimate.

MR. WILL-W. said...

Yum. And Blah.

D'luv said...

"It seems almost purposefully lit to highlight forehead wrinkles. England does not believe in botox, correct?"

This is a good thing.

I actually really like the song. I mentioned elsewhere that I was expecting a "Rule The World"-esque ballad -- something I would have been entirely happy with! -- but give them a gold star for surprising with a country-pop ballad.

And since when is Robbie NOT being autobiographical. He's always been so me, me, me-centered that it's gotten nauseating at times. Rudebox was the most obnoxious example. At least for 3 minutes on that album he was the Pet Shop Boys.