August 24, 2010

Mixtape: v.END of summer

Smackcrumplebang described me as "a one man musical mission whose fantastic fuchsia blog keeps me in his marvelous musical loop." That is the best review. Ever.

Stevie Nicks is working on her new album with Dave Stewart of Eurythmics. She says, "a full-blown rock 'n' roll album with some beautiful ballads." Gee, thanks for the revelations Stevie. All we really know is that one song is inspired by the Sargasso Sea.

The Fly had a first listen to Hurts' debut album Happiness.

A fantastically nervy chat between Peter Robinson of PopJustice and Paloma Faith

Shocking, Etc: The new Hoosiers album has some good songs! Two I recommend: The single, called Choices,and a track called Who Said Anything About Falling In Love, which sounds a bit like The Feeling.

FizzyPop will be doing X Factor recaps, etc. This Americano (meaning me) is not excited to see Twitter hijacked by a reality show I cannot even watch. Wake me up in the final weeks.

This reminds me, I am beyond fascinated with Joe McElderry. I could listen to him talk all day long. Evidence videos: #1 and #2.

I am decidedly mixed on Rose Elinor Dougall's song with Mark Ronson, called That Boy. It's more of a groove than a proper melodic tune.

Hugh Laurie is recording a blues album, I shit you NOT. Let's hope he doesn't call it House Of Blues.

Lourdes is how old?

Phileastend loves, appropriately, the new Ali Love album. I've not heard all of it yet, but the title track, Love Harder, is a keeper. That said, some of the followup songs have sounded like pale imitations of it. Phil recommends a beauty called Dark Star.

Smiths / Morrissey fans need this tee shirt from Etsy.

Robyn fans need this tee shirt from her website.

While you're at, it you can buy the superb new single from Bright Light Bright Light on Amazon UK.

The Guardian has given a mixed review to Katy Pussy's album. They say "You would have to be a total curmudgeon not to coo a little at the title track" and this is embarrassingly correct. When Teenage Dream, the song, was first released, I played it about 16 times in a row and then promptly got a burning sensation when I peed.

Is it really true that Nadine Coyle has an exclusive deal to sell her solo album only in Tesco? Jesus Luz! And that overly coiffed Cheruulll is on her second soon-t0-be-shit album? What is wrong with this crazy world? Listen to me Nadine: This Christmas, release your cover of Fields Of Gold and make a mint.

Champagne cheers and caviar dreams to Dan for his 1400th post. Well done, you. That is dedication, not to mention tenacity.

Finally, there is this amazing line from Prince's most recent crap album -what was it called? - that impacted for about 2 days before everyone said it sucked and forgot about it: “From the heart of Minnesota – here come the purple Yoda."

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Paul said...

i do try to avoid spaffing up twitter with running commentary on the show (because i think it would detract from my witty blog and also because i'm usually pissed while watching it with the ace gang). Thanks for the link :) And thanks for the Hoosiers as the Feeling tip. I love that track :)

Dan said...

Thanks for the mention! You and your blog have been a source of great inspiration for mine. Recently, someone articulated the reason for blogging in a world where the bloom is definitely off the blogging rose - it serves as a personal log and documents a history that would have otherwise been lost to memory.

*lifts champagne glass* Here's to more blogging!