August 19, 2010

Lost Radio: In the saxophone zone

Occasionally I stop and ponder my years of music listening when I did not have a forum to sputter on about it. And then I realize this blog presents a very particular picture of my taste that leaves
a lot out. Here are some "lost" songs from the 1980's that I love and recommend... some you will know, but I hope you don't know them all.

Bluebells Will She Always Be Waiting hear it
Brilliant b-side to their single Cath, this one has a fab lai-lai-lai-lai singalong bit at the end.

Peter Godwin Baby's In The Mountains watch it
Somewhat obscure, but superb electropop from an era before we called it electropop.
The Style Council The Paris Match hear it
Atmospheric, twinkly jazz-pop. Notable for the vocal by Everything But The Girl's Tracey Thorn.
The Lotus Eaters The First Picture of You watch it
Not one I know as well as the others, but I like the video.
China Crisis Black Man Ray watch it
What an odd duck of a song. The title is a pun and it has a good misheard lyric: "And we the people who can but try" I heard as "and we the people in Camden try..."
Alison Moyet Where Hides Sleep
A deep cut from a popular and seminal album. Because Alison's voice is so smooth on the verses, I have this, haha, on a mix I play when I cannot sleep. And then she wails and I wake back up.
Prefab Sprout Appetite watch it
Just in case someone does not know this perfect lyric: "Here she is with two small problems / And the best part of the blame / Wishing she could call him heartache/ But it's not a boy's name."
Nick Heyward Whistle Down The Wind watch it
Lovely Nick was on my 90's list and here he is again, with his 1984 debut solo opus. Ahhh, the days of video budgets to reflect a song's grandeur.
Culture Club Black Money hear it
From an album everyone knows and loves, this song always seems so sophisticated (my question at the time: what does it mean?). Do 20-something he/she-poppers produce this kind of track in 2010? This was in George's imperial phase but, like much of this album, the backing vocals of Helen Terry lift it into the stratosphere. Amazing.
Black Wonderful Life watch it
Anyone of a "certain age" thought of this song the first time they heard Hurts' single of the same name.

+1: Romeovoid A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing) watch it
Confession: I once sent Shirley Manson a note suggesting that she cover this song because "it's perfect for you." She did not listen and where is she now?! This is like a girl's guide to the galaxy: "Tears will be saved till they're better spent / There's no time for her to be afraid /So instead, she takes care of business / Keeps a cool head." Listen, Brit Brit.

Do any of you know these songs or want to add to this list? See also: My favorite albums of the 80's


hatzij said...

As usual, your taste is impeccable!
Yes, I do know all of these except the Bluebells...
Black Money remains a seminal cut...I like Changing Everyday and That's The Way almost as much.
And why Appetite was not an international #1 smash hit is inexplicable. It's a perfect pop song.
My addition to the list - Duran Duran's Too Late Marlene, which is sublime

Anonymous said...

Agreed.You're on the money as per.
I'm still obsessed with the Steve McQueen album - even more so after the latest album . I played Nick Heyward's North of A Miracle album to death - especially loved The Kick Of Love off that. My partner and I got together and discovered we both had all the China Crisis albums. Thanks for sharing these - I found some new gems too.

Michael said...

I love China Crisis. So underrated.

btaust said...

Suspect you're looking for those that slipped out, were heard, loved (by the chosen) and then forgotten. In that spirit, how about -

"heaven help you know" - paul haig
"singer's hampstead home" - microdisney
"un homme a la mer" or "epaule tattoo" - etienne daho
"the promise" - secession
"skin storm" - bradford

and yes- remembered, resurrected and rejoiced in your nostalgic, tasteful bliss -- cheers

Phil said...

I've got too many 'lost in the 80s' (no apostrophe!!) to mention.

But check out:
Matt Fretton - It's So High
Perfect Strangers - Without You
Malcolm McLaren - Buffalo Love
The Regents - 7Teen
The Buggles - The Plastic Age
Depeche Mode - Set Me Free

Phil said...

Oh! And another Paul Haig - (Never Give Up) Party Party

V said...

Good choice on Black Money, but if I had to choose a lost track from that album I would go with "That's The Way (I'm Only Trying To Help You) Another great excellent song with some great backings by Helen.

Another lost one:

The Dominitrix Sleeps Tonight

Phil said...

And there's more lost tracks here:

Each one a pure gem.

small squirrel said...

brian setzer- knife feels like justice.