August 29, 2010

Kylie meets Rufus and two worlds collide

Kylie Minogue, in a seemingly random act of philanthropy, appeared with Rufus Wainwright at a benefit for The Watermill Center - a performing artists refuge/workshop - in New York. 4:30 on a summer afternoon in a small Long Island town, in the woods, The Minogue. They did several tunes together include Don't Go Breaking My Heart, Locomotion and, yes, Can't Get You Out Of My Head. Watch Rufus above (with flaming red hair) hit those notes.

For those who know Rufus's back-story, he grew up kind of sheltered from pop music, so this Kylie conversion cannot be terribly old. That said, he is known for his taste in gay divas and a bit of nightclubbing... a return to pop will happen.

Update: Funny tweet from @doronandon: Is the philanthropy reference to Kylie performing with him or to it being a benefit...

Thank you, Doron! x


DanProject76 said...

Oh my word... that clip is like some kind of freaky dream sequence!

Michael said...

That works a lot better than I would've expected.

Very fun.

John said...

Note to self: if you're gonna duet with someone as huge as Kylie, do the homework and learn the words.

All kinds of awkward.