August 23, 2010

Annie Lennox Tops A Tree

A surprise announcement today is a mixed blessing: The good news is that Annie Lennox is releasing a brand new album. The bad news? It's... Christmas music. Mmm hmmm. A Christmas Cornucopia is part of her new deal with Universal. It's out later than most holiday albums, on November 22nd, via Island Records UK and Decca Records in the US and the rest of the world. It'll be the usual Christmas songs, plus one new original, Universal Child, that one can guess is related to her work in Africa (or maybe it's about her new contract with Universal, haha?). [edit, much later: This album is total ass. Avoid]

It's only been a year since her hits collection (my review), which had two middling songs surrounded by 11 perfect ones (and, err, Sing). Her last proper studio album, the superb Songs Of Mass Destruction (my review), was released in September 2007 and she followed it with a tour that reinforced my impression that she is one of the greatest female singers of our time.

My favorite Annie Lennox solo song remains... Money Can't Buy It

Here are ten others:

Little Bird
Big Sky
No More I Love You’s
Stay By Me
Waiting In Vain
Downtown Lights

My favorite Annie video is also Money Can't Buy It...
you recognize a great performer by the fact she can remain riveting with only a towel and a mirror as props:

A caution: Do not try this in your own bathroom... the effect will not be the same.


Robpop said...

christmas ep would be nice
but an album....???

countpopula said...

One of the few people I would probably love to hear Christmas songs from. Remember Winter Wonderland from the first Very Special Christmas? That song bookended with the Al Green duet of Put a Little Love in Your Heart=magic (why isn't that song on CD YET???)

And the towel thing--already tried--you're right--epic FAIL.

D'luv said...

She performed "Universal Child" on the Idol Gives Back special this past spring, I believe...

I think a Christmas album from Annie Lennox sounds kind of perfect!

D'luv said...

Yes, you can hear "Universal Child" here.

Michael said...

It will probably be lovely, but it would be nice if she was a little more prolific with her originals.