August 8, 2010

Alex "Hot Lips" Gardner's epic FAIL

Alex Gardner's out-of-the-blue new single, Feeling Fine, does not make one feel fine at all. It does not even make one feel just... okay. This is the sound of a brilliant singer smothered in vocoder. You can just hear the contemptuous, cynical record executives saying, "Let's make it more like Drake and Derulo and Cruz!"

Sample chorus lyric: "bleh bubbah feeling finnnnee belueb beebubb ahh promise always blee biee s uinnne inne." The vocoder might - might!- have been cool if used sparingly on the middle eight, but it's the apex of awfulness on every chorus.

The video itself, while trite, at least captures Gardner well: all nips, teeth, parted lips and hair. He looks young, but not jail-bait twinky.

Clearly money was spent on this production. If it's indicative that an album will arrive this fall (he's on tour in November), then fine, I will put up with this. I truly believe the single should have been There Goes My Heart*, a ballad in the Chris Isaak vein. It is hard to watch a label falter again and again with an artist who has all the elements for success.

PopJustice's tweet about the song sums it up best...

*note that version of There Goes My Heart omits the mindboggling middle eight


DanProject76 said...

Oh indeed. His album sampler had great songs on it but this just shits all over his talents for a cheap shot at trendy success.

He is nice to look at but that is not enough!

Howard said...

Wow, musically that was not interesting in the slightest. And, frankly, I would need a bit more skin to be interested in the video...

xolondon said...

Howard, you are a randy Andy.

Anonymous said...


jail-bait twinky is the best description EVER.

This is some substandard enrique-darius type shite, such a shame.

she is also WAY too old for him - I worry what his mother would think (and thats not hot.)