July 6, 2010

Your Body Is A Machine

The Good Natured's amazing debut single is out now on iTunes US and UK. Strong melody, lyrics and a certain Depeche grandeur. But what this song delivers best is a gothic English mood. Think cliffs and serious wind or maybe abandoned industrial plants... whatever it summons, it's a moody masterpiece.

It’s only a matter of time
Before all the springs in the mind
Will start to break
Like you have broken me
There's silver in your lungs now
All I care about is shapes
All I care about is colours
You said your body is a machine
It will break
Like you have broken me

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1 comment:

Paul said...

I must confess that despite the multiple emails from her PR team, I hadn't actually listened to this until now. It's certainly got something intruiging and rewarding about it :)