July 23, 2010

Suddenly my eyes are open

Some details have surfaced regarding Happiness, the new Hurts album, out September 6.


Silver Lining 4:58
Wonderful Life 4:17
Blood Tears & Gold 4:18
Sunday 3:53
Stay 3:55
Illuminated 3:19
Evelyn 3:55
Better Than Love 3:33
Devotion 4:11
Unspoken 4:47
The Water 3:36

And the Wonderful Life single, out August 23:

The CD single will include a new song called Affair and the 7" will include a Mantronix remix.

You can order signed copies directly from Townsend Records. So far no word on a vinyl LP.

Thank you, source, PJ Forums


Dan said...

This will make Heidi VERY happy. I'm also eager to hear more from them - "Better Than Love" is headed for a spot on my year-end best of list.

pdb73 said...

Fingers crossed for a vinyl LP. Though there does seem to be a nasty habit of some artists releasing vinyl singles but never the album on vinyl. Such teases.....

Michael said...

Ooooh, I like this one.