July 14, 2010

Song Of The Week: The Fall

Top Ten Plus One Reasons to love The Fall by Brendan James

1 It's piano-based and piano is superior to guitar. Period.
2 It screams for a slot in the background of, you know, Vampire Diaries.
3 He's like the lovechild of Sara Bareilles and David Gray.
4 It name-checks a Ryan Adams (not The Corrs!) song.
5 And is set in New York.
6 He went to UNC.
7 He tweets... and it appears to really be him.
8 You can also download a free track, Stupid For Your Love, on his site.
9 Tough guy is releasing his eponymous new album on "Super Tuesday," September 7.
10 He looks a bit like the son of Dr Evil [ed: I fear he may not like this one]
11 And finally, the first line sounds like "She is fucking in slow motion." It's not.

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Paul said...

Plus he's quite dreamy.

Jason said...

He does look like Scott Evil!

Jason said...

Love it! You had me at the Ryan Adams mention (one of my favorite songs!).