July 26, 2010

NEWS: Brandon Flowers sits on a rock.

Brandon Flowers
just spoke to emusician about the making of his 10-song solo debut, Flamingo. Some details we learn about the album...
  • Most of the tracks on Flamingo were CO-produced by Daniel Lanois and Stuart Price. Let's hope those very different flavors mix.
  • The single was done by Brendan O'Brien in LA. All of his songs have a Tenori-On synth. How Little Bootsian.
  • LaFluer is nervous about one of the Stuart Price songs, a ballad called Only The Young, fitting in with the rest of the music, but he liked it too much to leave it off.
  • Ironically, on an album featuring Stuart Kylie Madonna Price, there is a song called On The Floor that is country music. *oh no*
  • Sadly, the Bruce Springsteen-isms apparently linger, even in his phrasing. Oy.
  • He will tour Europe and America this fall.
ChartRigger, an avowed LaFleurist, posted the album cover recently, if you've not seen it.


Myfizzypop said...

he can sit on my rock anyday. particularly if he looks that pretty. I'm really looking forward to the album - and a solo tour. I'm hoping he'll do smaller venues but we'll have to see...

D'luv said...

Paul, he is doing smaller venues, at least before the album comes out. He's playing the Troubadour here in Los Angeles, which is where I saw The Killers the 2nd of...Jesus, I've lost track...times back in August 2004.

I can't picture a Flowerzy solo album doing gangbusters in album sales, since the Killers' own albums have been on a steady decline (commercially) since the first one.

Stranger things have happened, though (see: resurgence of Train).