July 18, 2010

My Sunday drive...

...set to Stornoway's gorgeous, melancholic Fuel Up, a song that's lyric takes place over a span of 20 years. Truthfully, this is not my video at all*. I stumbled across it on youtube, but it's exactly what I'd like to do on a summer Sunday. I find myself sorely missing the UK and its people...

Home is only a feeling you get in your mind
From the people you love and you travel beside
You may feel like a passenger but now you're the driver
You've got to go traveling, traveling on

...get back on the road, it's a beautiful day
Pick up all the friends you can find on your way

Stornoway's debut album, Beachcomber's Windowsill, is highly recommended, especially for those of you who've enjoyed recent records by Laura Marling, Fyfe Dangerfield and Mumford And Sons.

Richard, Rod D, Phil, Jam(e)s, Dan, Paul, Jessica, Peter, Rod T - a toast to you all. From Joanna too, I know - memories of our spring trip linger in our minds. You have no idea what your time and company meant to us! xo

*This footage was shot by a guy near Inverness, in Scotland.


Diva Incarnate said...

Some music just won't ever sound as good as it does in the car: I thought that last night when Damn ... I Wish I Was Your Lover came on the radio at near midnight and just thought 'yep, perfect moment for this song'.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

*Clink!* A toast back to you and Ms P, Stephen!

I saw Fyfe Dangerfield supporting Rufus Wainwright the other week and was really impressed. It was quite pared down though - he on guitar or keyboards and two ladies on strings. Felt a little Dream Academy-y.