July 20, 2010

Mixtape: OH MY DAIZ is it hot

Pop children, I am over the summer. Will soon declare it autumn and ye shall follow. In the intervening days...

Apparently the @scissorsisters might be [whispers] gay. WHO KNEW? Watch this investigative report.

WNYC talking to Rob Sheffield about Talking to Girls About Duran Duran

Morrissey, George Michael & Tony Blackburn review Everything But The Girl in 1984! Q: Moz, do you approve of EBTG? A: "To a large degree, I do."
I LOVED this clip. Moz is weird and cute, George twirls his hair and has not an original, coherent thought in his floppy-haired head. via the LA HOT @torrmoz.

Speaking of Torr, he sent me this link about how the Times of London has lost an eye-bulging 90% of its online audience.

There is indeed a case to be made that the empowering Brave by Kelis is the SONG OF SUMMER 2010
. Is it really true she only sold like 7,000 albums in the US? I bought it on import and it is sublime. My favorites are Brave, Home and Song For The Baby, the latter being a perfect distillation of sweet emotion mixed with unsentimental pop genius.

Fashionistas should be reading Attitude's Style Blog.

Which reminds me that Madonna fans (of yore) who always wanted to undress the oft-nude Tony Ward themselves, can now do it at this coolasfuck Wrangler site.

Frankmusik has completed a new album. No word on when it is due out, but I hope this year since there is so little right now to look forward to.

Speaking of a song to look forward to, the next Penguin Prison single is out in October and that is all I am allowed to say. Hint: It has been named/described on this blog by him before.

Bryan Ferry's new single/video You Can Dance. Snooze. Very disappointing, especially after the brilliance of Shameless, his collaboration with Groove Armada.

Americanos, if you get the new Instinct, you'll see that I gave Robyn's EP 3 stars out of 5. *runs and hides behind lounging cat* Regardless, I LOVE the souped up version of Hang With Me (her next single, which I assume means a video?) and Copycat's Sundrenched FM Remix of Dancing On My Own.

Let us pause at this moment to Look At A New Picture Of Cher.

Yes, Lourdes Leon blogs again. Giddy God!

I love that Stuart Price is having his MOMENT after being banished by Madgedonna. I was totally thrown by the announcement that he produced the next Take That album, aka the One With Robbie. About the latter, I have mixed feelings. His return takes away from the good arrangement the remaining four had set up, but it may inject some needed youthfulness into the proceedings, especially with Stuart at the helm.

Catherine A.D. is in California recording her debut album. One of her producers is Liam Howe, who did many of the best songs on Marina And The Diamonds debut. If you did not get her cover of HURTS single Better Than Love, do it now.

Loved the leftovers
from Robbie Daw's interview with Kylie Minogue for @instinctmag is up now on their website.

The Return of Edwyn Collins at Pitchfork. Song is a retro stomper called Losing Sleep. I need to play it more, but first listen suggests lots of production but little melody. That said, he deserves attention for his 30 years of brilliance.

This week I tweeted: My dream: That @popjusticehifi would orchestrate a one-off pop single Moment for Nicola Roberts. Update since then: I have a hunch this dream will come true, though not with PJ HiFi. Stay tuned.

Wise words on the misguided efforts of Prince from @Gaymonkey

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Thanks Roddale for the hot pic.


John said...

Curse you, XO! A productive night was just turned into a EBTG video marathon. Argh!

Michael said...

I want to read that Duran Duran book.

Paul said...

AND! (because I know you wanted to know) Frankmusik has apparently been working with Simon Curtis too!!

Now i must go and sit down to get over the shock of the Scissor Sisters being homosexualists.

D'luv said...

Thanks, pun'kin!