July 30, 2010

Lost Radio: 10 Songs You Should Seek Out

XO at 21. I am wearing a fucking watch on a chain. *eyeroll*

Occasionally I stop and ponder my years of music listening when I did not have a forum to sputter on about it. And then I realize this blog presents a very particular picture of my taste that leaves a lot out. Here are some "lost" songs from the 1990's that I love and recommend...

Tanita Tikarim Stop Listening hear it
People know her best for Twist In My Sobriety, but this one is elegant pop. read
Love Spit Love Am I Wrong see it
Chill inducing. When Richard Butler wants to have us, he does. Great Jake Scott vid.
Heather Nova London Rain see it
I think I've blogged about this before - I wish the chorus would come true.
Eddi Reader The Right Place hear it
Fiver or ten lifetimes ago, there lived a girl that you don't know...
Dr Robert Circular Quay see it
A few days ago, I blogged about "touchstone songs." This is one.
Milla Gentleman Who Fell see it
Many of you know Milla, but don't realize she released one perfect song years ago.
Mae Moore Bohemia see it
Nobody knows this! It was done with The Church.
Nick Heyward The World hear it
A sleek British entry by the lovely Nick, ex of Haircut 100.
Mother Love Bone Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns hear it
The singer died before this 8 minute epic could become a grunge elegy.
Dwight Yoakam Ain't That Lonely Yet see it
Country, yes, sort of. But the voice is so beautiful and the message so fuck you, that this transcends it s genre.

+1: Jude I Know hear it
Seems like a simple ballad, but you need to get to the bridge at about 3:36 and WOW

UPDATE: The excellent James made a spotify list for this!

Do any of you know these songs or want to add to this list? Note this one's not about r'n'b or pure pop. See also: My favorite albums of the 90's


russlan said...

Sure. Tanita, Love Spit Love, Heyward - all is great, but Mae Moore is something special. I know her Dragonfly and Bohemia albums since my period of the Church obsession, and still listen to them quite regularly.

Anonymous said...

*gasps* I LOVE TANITA!!!

Also, watch or not, you kind of look like a sexy pirate there or something! Arrrr! Avast!

Glenn said...

The Heather Nova track is the only one I'm familiar with (due to Dawson's Creek, actually).

xolondon said...

GASP! Not even Milla? Get to work!

John said...

How sad is it that I associate most of these acts with the cutout bin?

I've got your back on the Yoakam track...one more reason why I include country in my definition of "pop".

J said...

I made a spotify playlist (below) for this as think there ar some real gems I havnt heard before, not sure if you guys have spotify over there yet. Didnt have the Tanita Tikram Track or the Love Split Love track on spotify, so its a Top 10 + 1(- 2) playlist.


http://open.spotify.com/user/jameshunter1983/playlist/5kUlzICBz5QsP6FoD8VAlF Spotify playlist: Lost Radio: 10 Songs You Should Seek Out

xolondon said...

That is SO COOL James. We don't have spotify in the US, which is a total chafe. I will link yours in the post.

Thanks so much!

Dan said...

I have to agree with John - there was a stretch of time in the 90s when regular pop music was so bad I defected to country. Granted, a lot of 90s country was decidedly "country-pop" but still. And yeah, that Dwight Yoakam track is quite good.

Joanna said...

LOVE the Mother Love Bone song and am completely gobsmacked you have Dwight on here!

Jason said...

I used to play "Bohemia" on my radio show in my undergrad days.

DanProject76 said...

Good stuff! I swear I put that Tanita tack on the CD I gave you but I may be imagining it. That Tanita album brings back 90s student era memories, as does the Heather Nova one. For some reason I had a Love Spit Love sampler CD , must have been free with something. Had the Milla CD single... spooky small world!

Annie said...

Thanks for reminding me about the Mother Love Bone. I used to listen to the 'Singles' a lot while a student in the Music Academy...
I like the piano in the beginning and how the song transits into the 2nd part

Anonymous said...

I know the Heather Nova and Mae Moore songs (they're Canadian and got lots of airplay here) as well as Milla, I know all of the artists but not those songs. Two from my own list worth hearing are The Blessing's "Delta Rain" (British pop band whose lead singer William Topley went country) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMNlQesC7Mk and another Canadian, Jann Arden duetting with Jackson Browne in "Unloved" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5_Hn_cLIvI