July 10, 2010

LaFleur... keeping secrets on his pillow

I actually LIKE this shot, even though it's still Vegas. Or Vagas, as it were...

Brand Flowers. His new Crossfire video (below) is quite good and the damsel-in-distress thing plays right into my "LaFleur as delicate he-popper incognito in a rock world" view of him. However! The song, while catchy, sounds to me like a Killers album cut. It has a sort of sad elegance - I love the "lay your body down" bit - but lacks energy or anything that sets it apart from his band.

I tweeted the other night that I just cannot cope with contemporaries who use phrases like "heartache and pain came a'pourin' down." Once again, Brandon is shilling "devil" imagery and Las Vegas as his muse. Have we not done that already? Step out in to the world, Brandon. You are at your best when plunked into an alien setting like... Japan!

I cannot critique this fully, not having heard the new album. I know it's unpopular, but I just don't hear a sustainable career in him. Brandon recently played at the White House for the 4th of July (I know, random, but when Barry O and Michelle call...). And what did he do? Wear that stupid vest he's worn for 5 years, not to mention hauling out that damned tipped-over neon K! Neon sign imagery he is again using in his solo artwork, when he has artwork at all.

I understand why people like him - they feel protective of him - but I am not seeing a creative evolution. I think he should move to London and find himself with the help of... Neil Tennant! Regardless of my concerns, all will be revealed when his album, Flamingo, is released on September 14.

PS: Do his teeth look different to you? Or is it just that he is extremely skinny and extremely tan?

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Myfizzypop said...

he;s definitely had his teeth capped. Lucky he can afford it all that ten percent to the Mormon church!!

And yes, i think i do feel protective of him. Us damaged mormons must stick together :) He-popper!! Hahahahahah