July 6, 2010

Jangly poppers take note: REM

REM is releasing a remastered special edition of their 1985 album, Fables Of The Reconstruction on July 12/13 worldwide. I've never actually owned this album on CD (just cassette!), which is the predecessor to Lifes Rich Pageant, the record that really eased them into the mainstream (before the mega 1987 album, Document).

Fables had never been given a decent remaster, so I thought I'd wait and now we are paid off. What makes Fables special is that, while there are some incredible tracks on there, I've never overplayed it, unlike their later work.
If you've never heard the album, I'd recommend these tracks: Feeling Gravity's Pull, Green Grow The Rushes, Driver 8 (the most known song the album, besides Can't Get There From Here). And my favorite, Old Man Kensey, the title of which makes it sound like it might be bluesy folk but it so not. It's a compelling, mysterious and melodic rock song.

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