July 21, 2010

I can show ya show ya how to shake your shaker

For my friends who don't troll pop-group sites and forums, here is some flat-out Good News:

The Pop Dream called Dragonette is cleverly following their 2009 album Fixin To Thrill with - beat beat beat - Mixin To Thrill, a remix record (cover above) out digitally on August 3rd and as a limited-edition CD at dragonette.com. The EP has three brand new songs: the first, Our Summer is a dirty, fuzzy hot-weather jam that needs to cranked loud or blasted at too-high decibels in your earbuds. My Things is the demure title of a rawk song actually called Get Your Titties Off My Things. Another new track, Volcano, is described as "a disco-drenched piece of loveliness" and cannot come soon enough. It's half of the double A-side Our Summer Volcano single out on July 27th. Maybe the FREE Our Summer will keep you sated?

Our Summer FREE MP3

Mixin To Thrill tracklisting:

Our Summer
My Things
Easy (Buffetlibre Mix)
Fixin to Thrill (Don Diablo Remix)
Pick Up the Phone (Richard X Remix)
Fixin to Thrill (Don Diablo Dub Mix)
Fixin to Thrill (Villains Remix)
Pick Up the Phone (Francis Preve Remix)
Pick Up the Phone (Arithmatix Remix)

Dragonette are tireless showgirls and their next tour is in America very soon.


countpopula said...

Thanks for the informative post about this--I had no idea. I really love this band and have both their CDs. There is NO reason they should not be huge, even in the US. Blasphemy.

Paul said...

I had no idea either!! And no idea why they aren't all sorts of massive in the US/UK/Everywhere. Can't wait to get my hands on this. Title is brilliant! Mixin to thrill :) Love it!

Michael said...

I usually like them, but this song does nothing for me. Hopefully the other one will thrill me more.

monkeydrum said...

Can't wait for 'Mixin To Thrill'! So glad they decided to include that 'titties' song. 'Summer' is the first song they've done that's actually kind of let me down but I do love 'Volcano' so all is forgiven.