July 27, 2010

Crowded House: Intriguing it is not

I love Neil Finn, love Crowded House, but this Intriguer album is not for me.* When it's not aping Black Crowes' fuzzy 70's jams, it's just.... makeshift. Neil has his wife, Sharon, dueting with him on the record. A friend said to me, "It's like he is singing with some person, not a singer."

This. Wot I think.

*There is a song that lives up to their legacy: Twice If You're Lucky


Dan said...

I haven't listened to the album, but the samples I've heard left me very underwhelmed. I wouldn't even burn credits on eMusic for it! That said, I do like "Saturday Sun."

Myfizzypop said...

I'm so disillusioned. I'll go back to looking at the brandon flowers on a rock picture.

Jason said...

I'm disappointed too. They're last one wasn't all that either.