July 15, 2010

Cover Story: HURTS' Happiness

I am actually a wee bit disappointed in this. HURTS have recycled (and re-coupled) their picture disc images as their new album cover. It's very simple. Almost too simple. I would have preferred the cover So Hip It Hurts has for Wonderful Life, which would have added more irony to the word Happiness. I've also seen many more compelling b/w photos of them - check out LastFM. Meanwhile, I am not sure what The Belle Vue EP is - supposedly it's a European digital release.

None of it matters. The group has been shooting their new Wonderful Life video in Europe and it looks like it has an 80's budget and monolithic style...

courtesy of PopJustice

1 comment:

Myfizzypop said...

it's not great. The freemasons mix of wonderful life however, is.