July 24, 2010

10 Musical Thoughts: Wonderful Life

1 Euro drug dealer house with pool that needs resurfacing.
2 Robert Palmer girls doing shit choreography.
3 All mourning the death of the dancing girl from the first version of this video.
4 Rich, Helmut Newton-esque man grieving with Paris Hilton hanger-on. He doesn't want the company.
5 Theo lit beautifully in the early closeups.
6 The Other Guy (okay, Adam), post-Andrew Ridgeley, stands nearby looking intense with occasional Chris Lowe keyboard fumble.
7 Previously unmined emotion from Theo, especially on second verse. Is there a Bafta for great eyebrow acting and botox-free forehead crinkling?
8 Theo always stands with his arms folded. Code for submissive.
9 Love the drummy noise at 3:50-3:55
10 Great swaggering jaw/lip Moment at the end (3:49). Rewind it again and again.

Hurts new single is out on August 23. One of the finest songs this year, no qualms.


Oliveira said...

Hahahahaha, "code for submissive" :D

The Other Guy reminds me a BIT too much of Matt Lucas in the "I'm With Stupid" video -- when in the opening scenes he stands in front of the keyboard I sort of expect him to reach and press something with one finger. Also, could the video possibly be a bit bleaker and seriouser? It DEFINITELY isn't bleak and serious enough. MORE CLOUDS! MORE SERIOUS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS! This won't do for such a bleak and serious song!

xolondon said...

ha! I wondered about the wry facial expressions being out of place, but when you are given so little emotion, you crave it and take it where you can (turning the submissiveness on its head!).

Dan said...

I love that someone has taken the time to do a video like this. In this day and age when videos are few and far between (and Madonna hasn't made a good one since who the hell knows when), this is fucking fantastic.

Michael said...

Pretty good video, but why are the dancers miming being elephants?

John said...

I don't mind the choreography...the video is greater than the sum of its parts. And the song? Amazing.