June 15, 2010

Roisin: A remix AND a reality check

First, at the bottom of this post, a tremendous Mircrofilm remix of Roisin Murphy's fall single Momma's Place. I love this and it totally escaped me when the guys first did it, so it is here at their behest (and my pleasure). For those of you wondering what is up with Roisin in the music department, she posted this message (I edited it a bit) on her EMI fan forum:
"Times have changed guys; a fifty-piece orchestra (Statues) is simply not possible. Believe it or not I love club music, I spent a lot of my life lost in music on one dance floor or another and happily I believe it works better when it’s raw. Yet, functional music is exceptionally hard to pull off and so it’s still a challenge I find incredibly interesting...

I happen to think there were some wonderful mixes of Momma's Place done in the competition, as good as any so called professional ones and I find working with the new technology of web possibilities exciting. Whatever you think of Perez, his website is the reason so many people submitted tracks, in the hope of finding a massive audience for their work and for that I thank him...

I am turning a new chapter in my creative life, returning to London next week to get started. I have a child and she is wonderful, so everything else will have to fit in around her. I will do this on my own terms or not at all. I am closing down this site [her EMI site/forum], as it seems very much part of the past. A clean sheet is what’s needed and that is what I intend to create. Those of you who wish to follow my evolving career will not be disappointed, as I still have a lot to prove. There may be some of you who are perfectly happy with what I have already created, with old records and with the past. The past will always be there but I have to move on, so I must respectfully ask you to make your own arrangements.

That last line reads as a bit of a fuck off, but I think it may be more along the lines of "You can keep wishing for [x] but ain't gonna happen." To some degree, I am surprised that Roisin has not found a new label for her work. Even if Overpowered was an expensive "failure," it was also an artistic triumph that widened her audience and expanded her reputation. While I am not sure Roisin is cut out to be a mainstream "hit" artist, I find it hard to accept that some label could not put a smaller investment into her work. If anyone can come up with clever music and videos on a lower budget, I'd expect it to be Roisin Murphy. She followed up that post with another this week:
And so there it is, all I can do is bring the whole thing back to basics in the hope I can build again from there. Song by song, performance by performance, no massive over arching plans and no pressure so everything I do I can do with complete conviction. It’s about creativity again, in everything. It should be fun and so it is.... You guys have always been and always will be great! Stay in touch with one another and may I humbly ask you to keep an ear out for me? Because I’ll be out there, fighting, writing, recording and performing my little socks off.
Though I've never loved Oral Fixation, her other fall '09 single, I still don't get the disregard for Momma's Place. It's a slammin' Prince throwdown - Prince in his inventive phase - with a Tracey Thorn-esque mother-to-child lyric, full of honesty, sass and love. DO try this remix. I particularly love Microfilm chose to end the track.

Momma's Place (FREE Microfilm Remix)
by Microfilm

Thanks as ever to the Hopeless Optimist


James Derek Dwyer said...

3 of my favorite things... Roisin, Microfilm and Xolondon! ;-)

xolondon said...

James! I have to admit I just unfollowed you on Twitter a few days ago b/c your tweets all lead to locked FB stuff. Frustrating, sir! :(

countpopula said...

Great remix of an already underrated song. I certainly hope this is not all we are going to hear of this era of Roisin, as apparently she had recorded much more. It all seems like unfulfilled expectations at this point, no? She has immense talent.

Fred said...

Was Overpowered really seen as a failure? It surely sold better than Ruby Blue, which was a bit esoteric.

And as the article said, Overpowered certainly opened up her fanbase. Would be a shame to see it counted as a "failure"

Matt Microfilm said...

Matt K. from Microfilm here.

About to run out of our quota for Roisin remix MP3s at Soundcloud (100 is the limit); if that happens, simply go to another one of our pages, here:


and grab a copy of the remix; it should be unlimited download #s on this. There's also tons of other free MP3s to grab there too.